Should I Hire a Pro for Swimming Pool Maintenance?

D.P. Taylor
Written by D.P. Taylor
Updated March 24, 2022
A man cleans a swimming pool
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  • You should hire a swimming pool servicing pro; they’re pool-maintenance experts.

  • A pro can better spot problems, handle complicated issues, and take work off your hands.

  • Swimming pool maintenance involves cleaning, adding chemicals, and maintaining circulation.

  • You can do some of these jobs yourself, but it's still best to have a pro come out.

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A swimming pool is a homeowner’s dream. It provides a lot of enjoyment for the family and often boosts the value of your home. So, you’ll want to keep the crown jewel of your property in good condition through regular servicing and maintenance. But do you need to hire a professional to do this work?

This guide discusses some of the benefits of hiring a swimming pool maintenance pro and what swimming pool maintenance involves.

Should I Hire a Swimming Pool Servicing Pro?

Yes, you should hire a professional to maintain your swimming pool; it takes a lot more to maintain than simply cleaning out debris with a skimmer and adding chemicals now and then. Considering the fact that this pool is worth tens of thousands of dollars at least, it makes sense to hire someone to ensure it stays in pristine shape.

Benefits of Hiring a Pro

A man inspects a swimming pool
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If you're curious about what a professional brings to the table, consider these benefits.

They Know How to Spot Problems

When you're maintaining something as complicated as a pool, you want people with a trained eye checking it out regularly. Sure, you can spot the obvious stuff, like debris that needs skimming from the pool, but will you be able to spot a costly leak in the pool's plumbing in time?

They Can Take a Lot of Work Off Your Hands

Maintaining a pool is hard work. Chances are, you got a pool to relax. By hiring a professional, you can kick back while someone else does all the work.

They Can Handle More Complicated Issues

Adding chemicals is probably something you can handle, but a pool servicing technician can deal with the more complicated issues that arise, such as repairs to the filtration system or dealing with algae growth.

They Can Prevent Big Problems Down the Road

Some problems, if left unchecked, can cause serious damage to your pool eventually. Having a professional regularly service your pool dramatically reduces the chances of that happening.

They're Not That Expensive

The annual cost of swimming pool maintenance can be as low as $1,200 per year, or just $100 per month. Considering all the benefits pool maintenance professionals provide, they'd have to be pretty expensive for it to be not worth hiring one, but that’s not the case. 

What Is Involved in Swimming Pool Maintenance?

You need to do three basic things when maintaining a pool: 

  1. Keep it clean

  2. Put the right chemicals in

  3. Make sure the circulation is strong

Keeping the Pool Clean

It's not easy to keep a pool clean, which is why it takes a multi-pronged approach. A net skimmer is good for scooping debris off the surface, but it's also a good idea to get an automatic pool cleaner that roams about on your pool floor to suck up anything that's sunk to the bottom. You should still vacuum your pool on a weekly basis and use a pool brush as well.

Adding the Right Chemicals

But keeping debris out isn't enough: pool water needs the right chemical balance. Keep pool water tests handy so you can ensure that you have the right pH levels, alkalinity, and sanitization. If not, you'll need to add baking soda, chlorine, bromine, or other essential chemicals.

Maintaining Good Circulation

Water that is stagnant is unhealthy water, so your pool needs to circulate water well to be safe to swim in. Your pool pump needs to be in good working order to keep algae from growing and contaminants from building up.

Can I Maintain My Swimming Pool Myself?

Yes, you can handle the basics of swimming pool maintenance by adding chemicals to the water, checking pH levels, skimming the pool for debris, and other simple maintenance steps. But even if you decide to work off a weekly pool maintenance checklist, you should at least have a professional come out fairly regularly to check for some of the deeper issues mentioned above. It will give you peace of mind and a healthy pool.

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