Pavers Pave the Way to More Curb Appeal

Written by Kathryn Lang
Updated March 6, 2015
Paver driveways and walkways create visual impact when visitors (or potential buyers) come to your home. (Photo courtesy of Go Pavers)

Want to make the front of your house pop? A paver driveway or front porch area can do just that.

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The economy is showing signs of turning around, but it’s still important to find ways to increase the curb appeal of your home. The addition of pavers can be the right focal point for making your home stand out when it comes time to sell.

Giving your home a pop of curb appeal means you'll be in a position to get a better sales price or to have a quicker sale turnaround. If you are not interested in selling, good curb appeal will be an enjoyable addition for you and your guests.

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Curb appeal means creating impact

Pavers are versatile in their application, but also in their formation. You can invest in patio pavers for a front porch that makes a statement. Paver driveways and walkways can create visual impact when visitors (or potential buyers) come to your home.

The key to creating the greatest curb appeal with pavers is to give your home a pop of color or design while still blending with the architecture of the house.

Here are four tips to increase curb appeal with pavers:

1. Redo the driveway

A new design for the driveway adds powerful visual impact and also creates a great first impression for visitors to your home. Driveway pavers come in all shapes and colors, so you will be limited only by your imagination when creating the right paver driveway for your home.

2. Create a strong first impression out front

Patios are most often installed in the rear of home for additional living space. A paver installation at the front entry can create a unique patio-like design, with plenty of curb appeal to make your house stand out from the others on the block.

3. Add retaining walls in the front landscape and around the home

When planning your patio paver project, include a retaining wall in the front that can blend the two spaces together.

4. Guide guests to your home

Take curb appeal to the next level by building a walkway from the curb to the front porch. A paver walkway will look appealing and provide easier access for guests who park on the street.

More paver pointers

● Pavers have great diversity in design, colors and textures. There are many directions you can go with your paver installation projects.

The plethora of pavers options also means that you can find a wide variety of uses for your pavers. Working with the paver installation company, you can come up with eye-catching ideas that will increase your home’s curb appeal and value.

● Installation of pavers can provide easier access to your home and yard for visitors. Pavers can create and expand new outdoor living spaces around the home. By utilizing pavers in several locations, you can help merge the landscaping from the front to the back.

● The key to making the most of the pavers in your hardscape design is to stay true to the architecture of the home. Look for elements in your home design that can be enhanced with the use of a particular color or texture of the pavers. By focusing on enhancing the existing elements of your home, the paver installation products will increase curb appeal as well. 

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