7 Can’t-Beat Vinyl Siding Color Combinations and How to Choose One for Your House

C.E. Larusso
Written by C.E. Larusso
Updated December 17, 2021
colorful homes with vinyl siding
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Roses are red, violets are blue, find the shade of vinyl perfect for you

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A new coat of paint on your siding to match freshly painted shutters, doors, and railings is like giving your house a makeover; it can highlight your home’s special details, such as brick accents or a unique portico, and boost your home’s curb appeal. Whether you’re aiming for a classic and unobtrusive look or want to be the standout home on the block, here are some popular vinyl siding color combinations and the issues to consider before you settle on a palette. 

Best Vinyl Siding Color Combinations

blue and white ranch style home
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Read on to learn about siding color combinations that are sure to make an impression.

1. Blue and White

Ocean blue evokes feelings of tranquility and calmness, and paired with white trim, it can conjure one’s memory of a fun beach day. In addition, the white will make the blue pop. Choose your blue shade based on your landscaping; one that leans greener in hue, if surrounded by hedges and other green plants, will appear closer to turquoise. Alternatively, a blue surrounded by warm tones will bring out any pink undertones.

2. Gray and White

grey and white siding home
Photo: tamas / Adobe Stock

All grays are en vogue right now, but for a neutral siding color choice that is slightly more expressive than beige, opt for gray with white trim. To push the envelope a little further, consider a red or another brightly colored door. If your home’s exterior uses natural stone, the gray siding will highlight these materials’ organic nature.

3. Beige on Beige

If you want to keep things as neutral as possible, consider playing around with different tones of tan, beige, and cream for your siding; these colors pair with nearly any accent color out there, so you could opt to paint your door something exciting, like canary yellow. In addition, beige pairs beautifully with brick.

4. Brick Red and White or Black

Evoking a farmhouse aesthetic, brick red is a daring, often underused option for your siding’s color. It pairs wonderfully with white or black as accent colors.

5. Green With Gray and White

Green can play up any natural elements surrounding your home and complements most natural stone features. Use a toned-down, olive green paired with grays and whites for your shutters, doors, and railings to give your house a punch of pizazz. 

6. Pale Yellow and White

pale yellow vinyl siding home
Photo: Jason / Adobe Stock

Easily the most cheerful, energetic color combination we’ve listed here, a pale, canary yellow can play up any floral tones in your landscaping and overall exude happiness. Using white for the shutters and railings will soften the look a bit and give it that traditional final touch. 

7. White and Black

Few color pairings are as classic as white and black. Houses with white siding, black accents, and red doors can be seen in nearly every issue of home and garden magazines, and for good reason: this look is timeless and elegant.

What to Consider When Choosing Vinyl Siding Colors for Your Home

beige and white home with deck
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Before committing to a color scheme, consider these practical matters that should inform your final choice.

Personal Style

Some people are risk-takers, and some aren’t, and both are great! If you can’t see yourself venturing far beyond gray or beige, that’s ok! You can always add an expressive touch by painting the door an unexpected color. You should also consider any deck furniture you already have and how it will look against the siding’s colors.

Neighborhood Vibe

It’s important for your home to be expressive of your personal design choices and color preferences, but you also want it to look good next to the other homes in your neighborhood. Take a drive or stroll around and see what colors others are using; if everyone is sticking with neutrals, will you be comfortable being the only yellow house on the block?


There are certain styles that call for certain shades: a Tudor style home works well with tan or beige siding, given the deep tones of the wooden planks. If you have a deck, consider the house and deck color combo when choosing your siding.

Home Size

A color swatch is small and doesn’t always give you a good sense of how a color might overwhelm your home. A dark hunter green could look alluringly rich, but on a larger home it might feel dreary. Eggshell siding can make a small home fade into the landscape; in general, dark colors should be added to features you wish to emphasize, while the opposite is true of light colors. 

Roof Color

A well-maintained roof will last you 20 or more years, which is similar to the lifespan of vinyl siding, so choose siding that complements your roof’s colors. If your roof is a neutral, lighter tone, you have a range of colors to choose from; if it's a darker shade, you might want to stick to lighter-colored siding.


Look at the big picture: your home and the yard surrounding. Take note of the colors and vibe of your landscaping; would the patches of wildflowers seem even wilder if you opted for canary yellow siding? Or is your landscape so simple that your house needs a bold, red siding color to give it some oomph?

HOA Restrictions

If you belong to a homeowners’ association, you should check and confirm that you aren’t limited in what colors you can paint your house; HOAs often want the houses in the subdivision to match or be within the same family of tones, and usually restrict owners to basic, neutral colors. 

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