How Much Does a Tennis Court Cost?

Normal range: $5,866 - $24,950

Building a tennis court costs $14,298 on average, but ranges between $5,866 and $24,950 depending on the surface material.

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Updated November 3, 2022
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If you're a budding U.S. Open champ, you need a full-size tennis court to practice on, preferably in your own backyard. These tennis courts cost an average of $14,298, but this varies considerably based on court type, enclosures, and choice of upgrades. If you have limited space or are installing the tennis court for children, you may get away with a half-size court that costs between  $5,866 and $24,950.

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How we get this data
Normal range for U.S.
$5,866 - $24,950
  • Average
  • $14,298
  • Low end
  • $3,800
  • high end
  • $75,000

How Much Does It Cost to Install a Tennis Court By Type?

Assuming you're building a regulation-size doubles court of 78 by 27 feet, you'll also need to account for the surrounding surface. For adequate court, run-back, and surrounding space, you'll need an area of 130 by 70 feet, for a total of 9,100 square feet of surface area. And the type of surface you choose has a direct impact on the total cost. 

Some materials are more expensive, while others are more affordable but have more ongoing maintenance costs. Some cost more in labor even if the materials are inexpensive. You may want to consult with a local backyard designer who can help you decide on the layout, the type of court surface you want, and how best to integrate it into your space.

Asphalt Tennis Court Cost

Full-size asphalt tennis courts cost between $40,000 and $80,000. Asphalt is quick to install and has a durable coating, but it does require more regular maintenance than other hard surfaces. Its lifespan is only around 10 years, after which time it will require resurfacing. 

While a good option for a moderately priced tennis court in a temperate climate, if your local summers get particularly scorching, asphalt isn't the best choice, as it can melt, warp, crack, and become uncomfortably hot to the touch. 

Clay Tennis Court Cost

Clay tennis courts cost $60,000 to $90,000 and are a common choice for those who prefer a more controlled tennis match as the ball bounces more slowly on this surface. While fairly unaffected by cold and heat, clay courts aren't suitable for windy locations because the wind quickly strips off the top layer, and it would require constant maintenance to repair and replace.

 Clay has similar maintenance costs to asphalt of $1,000 to $2,000 annually but takes more time to maintain because you’ll need to replace the clay.

Post-Tensioned Concrete Tennis Court Cost

A Post-tensioned concrete tennis court costs $45,000 to $80,000. Concrete courts require less maintenance and have a longer lifespan than most other playing surfaces. They provide a moderately paced but very high bounce. 

Post-tensioned concrete has a grid of high-strength steel cables embedded in the playing surface and anchored to a perimeter beam to keep it under constant tension. This significantly improves the strength and flexibility of the surface and helps to prevent cracking and shrinkage.

Artificial Grass or AstroTurf® Tennis Court Price

An artificial grass tennis court costs $25,000 to $80,000. If you want to amp up the excitement with high-speed play, AstroTurf® or another artificial grass are great options, as they provide a fast, moderately high bounce. This material works well in all climates as it isn't susceptible to damage from temperature changes. This affordable tennis court surface is comparatively low-maintenance and is quick to install.

Grass Tennis Court Construction Price

Grass tennis courts cost $20,000 to $75,000. They are budget-friendly, well-suited to fast play, and are often preferred by pro tennis players. However, unless you have a tennis bubble installed, you can't use grass courts during or directly following a rainstorm because if it hasn’t dried out, you'll ruin the surface. 

Grass courts also require significant maintenance, sometimes daily, because you need to provide enough water and mow the grass to the right height to keep your tennis matches going.

Acrylic Tennis Court Surface Cost

Acrylic tennis courts cost $65,000 to $100,000 and consist of an acrylic top layer overlaying a foundation of asphalt or concrete. This low-maintenance option has a long lifespan and won't crack or shrink. It provides a long-lasting professional-quality playing surface, hence the premium price tag.

How Much Does It Cost to Install a Tennis Court Yourself?

Although it's technically possible to install a tennis court yourself, it's not practical for most people. If you have the right skills and all the right equipment, you can potentially save yourself up to $35,000 in labor costs

However, installing a tennis court is time-consuming and labor-intensive. Plus, it requires precision, as an uneven playing surface is disastrous. You'll be better off leaving the installation to a local tennis court pro while you practice your overhead volley.

What Factors Influence the Cost to Install a Tennis Court?

Installing a tennis court involves more than just dumping a load of topsoil and sprinkling grass seed on top. Many variables influence tennis court costs, ranging from how much excavation and leveling it requires to the type of surface you choose and any upgrades and amenities you want.

Tennis Court Installation Cost by Surface

  • Asphalt: $40,000–$80,000

  • Clay: $60,000–$90,000

  • Concrete: $45,000–$80,000

  • Artificial grass or AstroTurf®: $25,000–$80,000

  • Grass: $20,000–$75,000

  • Acrylic: $65,000–$100,000

Tennis Bubble Cost

Tennis bubbles cost between $6,000 and $150,000, depending on their size, quality, and permanency. These inflatable tents cover the playing area in a dome-like fashion and let you continue to play, even in heavy rain and wind. So if you love tennis and want to play all year round, a tennis bubble is a smart addition.

Indoor Tennis Court Installation Cost

If you want to take your games inside, you'll need to build an enclosure for your court. You can expect to pay anywhere from $20 to $125 per square foot, which equates to $70,000 to $150,000, all in. The most common indoor tennis court surfaces are hard courts, such as concrete and wood, with an acrylic or rubber overlay.

Tennis Court Lighting Cost

Night games are a blast but will require some good lighting. Tennis court lighting costs $2,000 to $5,000, depending on the type of lighting, how many lights, and whether you need to add electricity. You may save money here by purchasing solar lighting, which also has little to no cost to run.

Backyard Tennis Court Fencing Cost

Fencing is key as it will stop you or your ball collectors from getting exhausted chasing after stray tennis balls. Expect to pay anywhere from $5,000 to $15,000, depending on what type and height of fence you like. Vinyl-covered chain link costs $5 to $20 per square foot, making it another budget-friendly option.

Upgrades and Extra Amenities for Tennis Courts Costs

  • Equipment storage: $200–$3,000

  • Shoe cleaners: $400–$3,500

  • Backboards and rebound nets: $5,000–$10,000

  • Clocks, timers, and scoreboards: $200–$1,500

  • Umpire's chairs: $800–$2,500

  • Players' benches: $200–$2,500

Frequently Asked Questions

The best type of tennis court for you depends on your budget, your climate, and preferred style of play. 

For fast play in any climate with a moderate budget, a mid-range artificial grass court is a solid choice. If you like a slower bounce and a harder surface and live in a temperate climate that's not excessively windy, a clay court may be the right fit. An enclosed tennis court with an acrylic surface is a smart purchase for those who want to play year-round.

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