How Much Does It Cost to Install an Outdoor Misting System?

Lauren Wellbank
Written by Lauren Wellbank
Updated March 29, 2022
An outdoor misting system
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  • An outdoor misting system will run you between $2,000 and $3,400.

  • One of the main price factors will be how large of an area your mister covers.

  • There are several different misters to choose from, including mosquito misters.

  • Misters and sprinklers are different types of systems and both serve different needs.

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Installing an outdoor misting system is a great way to keep comfortable on those blisteringly hot days, keep bugs at bay, and even keep your plants looking their best. But, before you can begin to enjoy all the perks this type of irrigation system has to offer, you need to figure out just how much it will run you. You can expect to pay between $2,000 and $3,400 for your outdoor misting system, according to Homeadvisor.

National Average CostMinimum CostMaximum Cost

Cost to Install an Outdoor Misting System Near You

When it comes to installing outdoor misting systems, you won’t pay too much more to have one installed in Pennsylvania than you would to have one installed in Indiana (although you might end up forking over a little more cash to have one installed in Florida, due to the longer warm weather seasons and higher demands). The national average cost of installing an outdoor misting system is $2,700, with the most common range between $2,000 and $3,400.

How Much It Costs to Install an Outdoor Misting System

While the cooling units themselves only cost around $1,800, you could pay between $600 and $3,200 to purchase one that suits your needs. And that doesn’t even include installation, which may run between $200 and $700.

Cost by Area Size

It doesn’t matter if you’re installing your mister over your backyard patio or around your swimming pool; pricing will depend largely on the square footage of your space.

Square FootageApproximate Cost
Less than 100$200
100 – 300$300
300 – 400$400
400 – 500$500
500 or more$700

Mosquito Misting Systems

Your misting system can do more than just keep you cool; it can also keep those backyard bugs from ruining your day. Some misters come with an insecticide to keep pests at bay. These normally run between $1,000 and $1,800. You can expect to pay a little more to run these types of misters as well since you’ll have to replenish the insecticides, which can cost between $0.50 and $1 per ounce—which really seems like a small price to pay if it means a mosquito-free summer!

Greenhouse and Outdoor Plant Misters

In addition to misting systems that keep you cool and keep you from bugging out, there are ones designed to make sure your plants are living their best life outside as well. These are known as greenhouse misters, and they can cost between $150 to $1,000 (and sometimes more). These are perfect for all you plant parents out there who want to make sure that your flora and fauna are well cared for during the dog days of summer. 

There are several different types of greenhouse misting systems:

  • Ground application: This is the easiest and least expensive option and is made from a drip tube system that runs on the ground and hooks up to a garden hose.

  • Container irrigation: This is your middle-of-the-road option and can be moderately difficult and expensive to install because it requires an overhead pipe that connects a water supply with both a hose and adapter.

  • Perimeter piping: By far the most difficult and expensive option, these systems require piping and sprayers, with multiple different joints and connections. 

Cost to Install an Outdoor Mister Yourself

If you want to DIY your way to one of these popular mister types, you’re likely looking at spending more money (and creating bigger headaches) than if you left the work to the pros. This is because some of these misters will require permits, while others may require the expertise of a licensed pesticide applicator. Consider hiring a local irrigation specialist to tackle this job for you. 

What’s the Difference Between a Mister and a Sprinkler?

You may be considering installing a sprinkler system instead. These types of irrigation systems can run you between $400 to $5,000, but they don’t offer you the same options as misters do. For one, a sprinkler system is a more heavy-duty irrigation system (so, say goodbye to dreams of being cooled down on a balmy afternoon by a gentle spray of water). Instead, these types of systems work best for getting water to a large swath of ground—like your grass. 

Outdoor Misting System Questions and Answers

Clouseup of an outdoor mister
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Does my greenhouse need a mister? 

Not every greenhouse will benefit from having an irrigation setup. For smaller greenhouses that likely have fewer plants needing an afternoon drink, it may be more cost-effective to water by hand.

Can an outdoor mister protect against other bugs?

Not all pesticides can be applied using a misting system. Mosquito treatments are particularly effective when applied this way because the insecticides that are inside the water droplets dispersed through the area land in the places where mosquitoes (and their larva) are most likely to congregate. 

Do I need an outdoor mister if I have a pool?

A swimming pool is an excellent way to cool down on a hot summer day, but the moment you step outside of your pool, you start to lose those cool vibes. With an outdoor mister that’s either set on a timer or goes off when you need it most, you’ll be able to enjoy a refreshing mist without having to swim another lap. 

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