24 Hot Tub Deck Ideas for a Backyard Paradise

Kristin Salaky
Written by Kristin Salaky
Updated June 7, 2022
A couple sitting in a Japanese-style hot tub on their deck at dusk
Photo: Rokas / Adobe Stock

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At a backyard barbecue, the deck is where everyone comes together to convene. But is yours everything you want it to be? The addition of a hot tub can turn an already popular setting into an unforgettable spot to gather, but incorporating one into your deck area can be hard to conceptualize. 

If you already have a hot tub deck, transforming it into the backyard oasis of your dreams can also be a daunting project to get started on. If you’re ready to create the perfect at-home paradise, check out these awe-inspiring hot tub deck ideas to kick off the process with a clear vision. 

Hot Tubs That’ll Show Off Your Style 

Hot tubs come in many varieties, and often you can customize them to your liking. Whether your goal is for appearance or functionality, there are plenty of styles to choose from to find the perfect fit for your deck.

1. Stone

A deck leading down to a patio with a built-in hot tub covered with stone on one side
Photo: pics721 / Adobe Stock

Stone and water go hand-in-hand, which may be why it’s such a popular addition to backyard landscapes with hot tubs and pools. If the luxury hot tub aesthetic you have in mind is one with unparalleled rusticity, adding a layer of cascading stones down the side of it is sure to meet the requirements. Watching the water trickle over the large stone pieces will have you feeling one with nature every time. 

2. Tiled

A tropical looking backyard with a hot tub lined with tile on its interior and exterior
Photo: Terry J Alcorn / Getty Images

Make your hot tub unique and unforgettable by adding the tile pattern of your choice around the interior and exterior for a little pizazz. If it’s attached to your pool, even better! Incorporate that tile in or around the pool to keep the fun vibes going. 

3. Cedar

A small cedar-lined hot tub
Photo: Dmytro Duda / Getty Images

Adding a cedar-lined hot tub to your deck or patio is another great way to achieve a rustic aesthetic in your backyard. Not to mention, as you soak you’ll get to experience the sweet aroma of the natural wood around you. Cedar also naturally repels bacteria, which is a huge selling point when choosing this material for outdoor hot tubs. 

4. Sunken In

A light colored deck with a hot tub built down into it
Photo: Mystockimages / Getty Images

There are definite advantages to installing a sunken hot tub. They have a modern appearance, and many who own them find it aesthetically pleasing that they blend into their surroundings. They’re also more accessible to people with disabilities and can be customized with added features such as waterfalls or rocks, depending on where they’re placed. 

Sunken hot tubs are also typically more expensive to install, and often can’t be altered to include more jets or to accommodate special seating arrangements. Another aspect to keep in mind when designing a hot tub deck area is that sunken hot tubs are not easily transportable, so if you’re not in your forever home, you may want to consider an above-ground hot tub instead. 

5. Natural Stones

Close up image of an inground hot tub surrounded by stones
Photo: TerryJ / Getty Images

If rustic isn’t your style but tropical is, you can still get your money’s worth out of stones. Have your hot tub installed at ground level and surround it with beautiful small stones to create an island-like aesthetic. Add lush greenery around your deck or patio to drive home the fact that your backyard prioritizes relaxation above all else.

6. Inflatable Comfort

A deck overlooking an ocean with a small inflatable hot tub
Photo: nedomacki / Getty Images

Many who’ve considered purchasing a hot tub know that the price tag attached can be hefty. If you’re saving up for the hot tub of your dreams—or don’t have enough deck or outdoor space to accommodate one of a larger size—consider buying a smaller, more affordable version to get your fix. One positive aspect of inflatable hot tubs is that they’re less expensive, but contrarily, they don’t last as long as average hot tubs and are more susceptible to damage and punctures. 

7. Overhead Pergola

A hot tub off to the side of a patio with a simplistic pergola overtop of it
Photo: FOTOGRAFIA INC. / Getty Images

Whether it’s displayed prominently on your deck or patio, a hot tub can certainly be a focal point on its own. Draw even more attention to it by building a pergola overtop of it and surrounding the area with vibrant flowers and greenery, to create an enchanted corner of your backyard paradise.

8. Privacy Wall

A couple sits in a hot tub shielded by a faux brick privacy wall
Photo: JohnnyGreig / Getty Images

Eager to plan a romantic date night at home? A hot tub can help create the ideal setting—but few things ruin the mood more than neighbors in close proximity. Whether you’re taking a late-night dip solo or unwinding with your partner, it’s understandable to want to shut out the rest of the world. Installing a privacy wall will help ensure that only invited guests get to participate in your evening. 

9. Gazebo Covering

A backyard with a hot tub under a gazebo
Photo: DigiStu / Getty Images

Rain or shine, after a long day, nothing should hinder you from getting the rest and recuperation you deserve. That said, positioning your hot tub underneath a small gazebo on your deck or patio area will provide the overhead coverage needed to enjoy its full benefits in almost any weather.

Deck Designs to Enhance Your Backyard

Whether your hot tub sits on top of it, is built into it, or is detached from it, a deck can bring your whole backyard space together. Deciding to build a deck or upgrading your existing one will depend on your property and the area you have to work with, and you may have to get creative. Consider contacting a local deck contractor before making any permanent changes to your backyard. 

10. The Covered Deck  

A warmly lit covered deck with a hot tub positioned near the windows
Photo: EpicStockMedia / Getty Images

There are so many possibilities for a covered deck—from furniture to lighting—and a hot tub is the perfect addition to an already lovely outdoor space. If you’re designing a covered deck or already have one attached to your home, create a cozy atmosphere with warm lighting and lounge chairs and transform it into a peaceful retreat right outside your door. Having a hot tub on a covered deck means unlimited enjoyment no matter the season, as you’ll be safe from the elements while you soak. 

11. Composite

A large hot tub sitting on a composite deck
Photo: Bill Oxford / Getty Images

If you’re designing a brand new deck with the intent of adding a hot tub on or into it, using composite decking material will go a long way. Composite decks are often thought of as the perfect match for hot tubs because of their durability and the fact that they’re easy to maintain. Don’t feel limited to placing a hot tub on top of the composite deck. Try having it placed lower into the deck and have a stair built out of the composite material so you can easily step right in. 

12. Raise It Up

An illuminated hot tub raised up on a platformed section of a deck
Photo: itchySan / Getty Images

Not a lot of open space on your deck to add a hot tub? No problem. If you have the yard space, add on to your existing deck by building a hot tub-specific platform to house it. Guests who don’t want to take a dip can mingle on one side, while others can throw on a suit and enjoy the hot tub benefits on the other side.  

13. Incorporate A Curve

A hot tub built into a stone patio that curves around it
Photo: FOTOGRAFIA INC. / Getty Images

Not all hot tub decks were built the same! When it comes to your hot tub deck design, build it in a way that matches your style and fits in the space you have for it. If you’re working with a small amount of square footage, in lieu of a wooden deck, build a deck surrounding the hot tub that’s made out of stone, so that it curves around the tub and takes up less space. 

14. A Modern Model

The backyard of a modern looking home with a stone hot tub and pool
Photo: EpicStockMedia / Adobe Stock

Is your home modern in style? Build a patio and hot tub to match! An inground, square-shaped hot tub with a slender pool wrapped around it is a sleek and minimalist way to get everything you want in a backyard. 

15. Deck and Patio Combo

 small home with a stone patio leading into a small wooden deck with a hot tub on top
Photo: Grispb / Adobe Stock

Don’t have a great debate over a patio vs. a deck—if you have the space, add one of each! A small patio leading out to an equally small deck is the perfect compromise if you want a space for lounging and chatting, and a dedicated hot tub platform. Place small garden lanterns or posts along the walkway between the patio and deck to hang string lights from, so your path to the hot tub is illuminated at night. 

16. Multi-Tiered

A multi-level deck with a pool and hot tub
Photo: FilippoBacci / Getty Images

If you’re designing a brand new deck and don’t want to compromise on style or function, a multi-tiered deck could help you achieve the backyard upgrade you’ve been dreaming of. Dedicate one level to a pool, another to a hot tub, and if you’re feeling wild, add a third level for a tiki bar! In the summertime, your house will become the hot spot for birthday parties and get-togethers alike. 

17. Rooftop Getaway

A rooftop deck with a raised hot tub
Photo: piovesempre / Getty Images

No one said your deck had to be ground level—if you’ve got the roof access and the permits to do so, move your deck and hot tub up to the highest floor. You’ll feel on top of the world and have the view to match. 

18. Add A Lower Level 

 A deck with an upper and lower level with a hot tub on the lower section
Photo: Iriana Shiyan / Adobe Stock

If a sky-high deck doesn’t pique your interest—or fall within your budget for that matter—perhaps a cascading deck will. Start with a mid-range deck level for entertaining purposes, then add a lower level for hot tub fun. You’ll have a lively spot for gathering on either level, with enough space so no one feels cramped. 

19. Bring In Nature

A deck with multiple levels and a hot tub surrounded by trees
Photo: sarahneal / Getty Images

Feel the breeze and listen to the birds sing while relaxing in a hot tub facing the forest. If your backyard is surrounded by trees, consider allocating a portion of your deck for a hot tub to sit near the tree line so you can immerse yourself in nature every time you step into it. 

20. Surround With Stone

A covered patio with a hot tub surrounded by a stone floor patio
Photo: laughingmango / Getty Images

Using stone pavers as a deck material is a solid choice for multiple reasons. It’s strong enough to withstand the weight of a hot tub, won’t crack if exposed to high heat, and it’s long-lasting. 

Stone is also a popular choice for patios as it helps keep feet cool in the summer months, which makes it doubly great for decks with hot tubs, because once you get out of the hot tub water, you’ll get a swift cool down from the feet up once you step onto the stone material. 

21. Allow For A View 

A back deck overlooking the water with a hot tub and glass panel railings
Photo: JamesBrey / Getty Images

If you have a breathtaking backyard landscape and aren’t concerned about privacy, build a deck with glass railings so you can see the full 360-degree view as you let the jet stream bubbles and warm water of your hot tub envelope you. 

A Little Extra Customization 

So you have your hot tub deck squared away—what comes next? Here’s your opportunity to add the finishing touches.

22. Built-In Bar

Close up image of a hot tub with a bottle of champagne and two glasses
Photo: cerro_photography / Getty Images

If the bubbles from the hot tub aren’t enough, add a little bubbly into the mix! Convenience plays a pivotal role in true relaxation, and no one wants to leave the warm water to grab a drink. When choosing the right hot tub for your deck, consider adding in a built-in bar section so you and your friends will only have to lift an arm to take a sip. 

23. Custom Stairs

A hot tub attached to a pool with stone steps leading into it
Photo: hdoggrafix / Getty Images

Attaching your hot tub to your pool? Make sure it’s easily accessible from the non-pool side by building steps up into it. If you’re committed to the stone aesthetic, keep the look going by using stone slabs to build the stairwell to your hot tub. 

24. Cozy Fireplace

A backyard patio area with a fireplace next to the hot tub
Photo: Allison / Adobe Stock

Keep your backyard parties going late into the evening by adding a fireplace or fire pit near your hot tub or pool. Though the hot tub is sure to have high temperatures as it is, a fireplace positioned nearby acts as an additional focal point and will draw the eye right to the main attraction—the hot tub.

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