Front Porch Decorating Ideas for Spring

Jordan Hurd
Written by Jordan Hurd
Updated March 3, 2016
porch decorated for spring
Personalize your front porch with throw pillows and a wreath on the front door. (Photo courtesy of The 2 Seasons)

Get ready for spring by prepping and decorating your porch.

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Porches are extensions of our homes, and relaxing on them is one of the great American pastimes. Before you settle in too much, though, complete the following tasks.

Perform porch maintenance

Thoroughly inspect your porch to ensure everything is in working order. Does the porch need a fresh coat of paint? Is the roof leaking? Is the floor in good condition? Do the house numbers need to be updated? If anything needs some work, now is the time to do it.

Don’t forget about spring cleaning. Pull out the brooms, a wet-dry vacuum and a hose to give your porch a good old-fashioned scrubbing from top to bottom. In other words, get rid of the spider webs and dead leaves. As soon as you complete this task, it’s time for the fun stuff — decorating.

trunk on front porch
Place a trunk on the porch to store yard games, pillows and throws. (Photo courtesy of The 2 Seasons)

Add outdoor furniture

If you plan to sip a cold beverage, read or watch the children play while on the porch, then be sure to create a cozy place to sit. I like the idea of having rocking chairs on the porch. They are comfy, and rocking is a great stress reliever. Of course, outdoor sofas, love seats and side chairs are also great places to spend some time.

Add a side table or two for a place to put your drinks, books and even a lamp. A throw to toss over your shoulders on a cool evening will also come in handy.

Don’t forget about a place for storage. 

Color your outdoor living world

To add some color to the porch, toss some pillows on the furniture. If your porch is protected from the elements, then regular pillows are fine. If not, use outdoor throw pillows. Since the porch is an extension of your home, use colors that coordinate with the colors you have on your interior. That helps create a seamless transition from the outdoor space to the indoors.

Use rugs for color and texture

Again, if your porch is protected, using a rug meant for the interior will work. A rug will also cover up any unsightly areas of the floor you might want to hide. Place a coordinating mat by the door so there’s a place for your family and friends to wipe their shoes.

Put your green thumb to work

front porch with love seat and hanging flowers
Purchase flowers and plants for your front porch from your local nursery. (Photo by Frank Espich)

Include plants and flowers to create some softness on your porch. Ferns are great because they add color and personality. Plus, they are so welcoming. Add another pop of color with seasonal flowers that coordinate with your pillows and rugs.

Hang a wreath

Finally, a wreath hanging on the door adds some personality to your porch. The easiest way is to use a basic wreath form, like a grapevine wreath, and change its accessories according to the time of year. Spring colors and items are appropriate now, but once Memorial Day rolls around, add red, white and blue accessories. After Labor Day, switch those accessories out for autumn items.

Porches add square footage to your home, but having a porch that fits your personality will make the time you spend in that space so much more enjoyable.

How do you decorate your porch for the season? Share your ideas in the comments section below.

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