11 Best Exterior Paint Colors for a Craftsman-Style House

Dina Cheney
Written by Dina Cheney
Updated June 9, 2022
The exterior of a blue and white craftsman house with a white picket fence
Photo: Kirk Fisher / Adobe Stock

Brush on the charm with the ultimate color palette for your historic home

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Think of the colors on the most beautiful fall day: orange, yellow, and brick red foliage; black or gray tree trunks; blue sky with white clouds; brown or beige dirt; and green evergreens. These hues should be your inspiration when picking the perfect exterior paint color for your Craftsman-style house. Here are a few color schemes to consider.

1. Blue and White 

Ask your local painter to coat your home a deep blue color and paint the trim white, evoking a cloudy sky. This nautical color scheme is particularly fitting for homes in coastal areas and works beautifully with facades featuring stone elements.

Recommended colors:

2. Greens

A cute green craftsman house with a nice garden
Photo: Iriana Shiyan / Adobe Stock

Choose two of the same type of greens (mint, olive, sage, or hunter), one lighter and another darker. To make your color scheme cohesive, try two colors from the same swatch stick in different saturations so there’s enough contrast. Then paint the trim in white or cream.

Recommended colors:

3. Taupe and Green

Mix a brown-gray color with sage, olive, or mint green trim. The green trim will pop, giving your facade a more finished, dynamic look. This color scheme works particularly well with homes with large trees in the yard, as it ties them to their natural surroundings.

Recommended colors:

4. Green and Brown

The front porch of a green and brown craftsman style house
Photo: Iriana Shiyan / Adobe Stock

For a truly organic feel, choose green and brown with a natural stain front door. For more visual interest, go with a front door stain that’s noticeably darker or lighter than the brown you pick for your body color. When selecting your green and brown, either opt for colors with a similar or opposite saturation, depending on whether you’re going for contrast. 

Recommended colors:

5. Beige and White

This neutral color scheme will give your home an airier, more luminous look. For a more classic Craftsman feel, your beige should feature noticeable undertones of yellow or brown. Since this color scheme is subtle, it can work best for homes with eye-catching architecture.   

Recommended colors:

6. Gray and Green

A gorgeous gray and green craftsman house with a lush landscaped garden
Photo: Javani LLC / Adobe Stock

For a dramatic and elegant facade, try a dark gray for the body color and a light mint or sage green for the trim color, with a natural stain front door. To emphasize the green, plant bushes near your front door. This palette is sophisticated and modern so you can give your home an update.

Recommended colors:

7. Green and Yellow

With this approach, go for two complementary colors for subtle contrast and a soft look. The resulting effect is cheery and elegant. To avoid color overload, opt for a front door with a natural wood stain.

8. Green and Cream

This color scheme is similar—just with slightly more contrast. By opting for cream rather than yellow, you’ll give your green more of a starring role. So take your time picking the right hue for your facade.

Recommended colors:

9. Yellow and Cream

Try a light yellow for the body color and cream for the trim. This color scheme works wonders for homes with stucco facades. To add an element of surprise, consider a front door painted dark blue or green roof shingles.

Recommended colors:

10. Gray and Orange

For a dynamic, modern look, pick this eye-catching combo. It best suits clapboard facades that feature some natural stone elements. To carry on the orange theme, place orange planters by your front door or opt for other outdoor accessories in amber hues.

Recommended colors:

11. Red

A classic red craftsman style house
Photo: Iriana Shiyan / Adobe Stock

If you want to make a statement, go red. To play up the drama, you can even paint both the body color and trim the same hue. For some contrast, go with a natural wood stain for the front door. When it comes to picking a red, know that brick varieties are popular for Craftsman-style homes. 

Recommended colors:

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