Don’t Let Siding Storm Damage Spoil Your Cookout

Jeff Hostetter
Written by Jeff Hostetter
Updated June 15, 2021
storm damaged siding
Cover siding damage with a tarp as soon as possible. (Photo courtesy of JD Hostetter & Associates)

Returning home from the store with food for your big weekend cookout, you notice the siding on your house dangling loose from the recent thunderstorm.

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Unfortunately, storm season and cookout season seem to go hand in hand. But who do you call to come in a hurry? What if it’s a holiday weekend? If you can’t find anyone, how do you keep the rain from leaking in, destroying your drywall and causing other water damage?

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Start with damage control

As a general contractor, I see this type of damage often. Typically, repairs can’t be completed until your insurance adjustor schedules a time to assess the damage for a claim. However, there’s still action you can take. Cover the exposed areas with a tarp, sealing any exposure and making it watertight.

Your guests will obviously see the tarp that’s been installed during their visit, but at least the show can still go on until the siding material can be located, purchased and installed. 

Hire a siding contractor for storm repair

If the siding is a popular color and style, there’s a chance that one of the local vendors will have it in stock, which will help expedite the repair process. There is also the possibility that your particular siding has to be ordered or was discontinued, which will obviously present other challenges.

Either way, the damage should be covered through your homeowners insurance policy, which will require the scheduling of an adjuster to come out and assess the damage.

The key is to get a trusted contractor out as soon as possible to make sure the wall is moisture tight, so no further damage is caused in the wall cavity where insulation and drywall can become damaged.

As long as this is completed, you won’t have to worry about mold issues.

There are several reputable companies that offer 24-hour emergency services, but expect to dig a little deeper than the piggy bank to pay for emergency services. I’ve never seen a situation where the insurance company doesn’t pay for emergency tarping. You can check with your agent to be sure, but we have always been compensated for this type of service through the claim process.

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So chill out and let the barbecue continue! Other than the funny looking tarp that will certainly be a conversational piece, adding a spice that you weren’t able to buy from your grocery list, there is no reason to let this become a siding emergency. 

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