6 Perfect Colors to Paint Your Barndominium

Kristin Luna
Written by Kristin Luna
Updated June 13, 2022
couple in front of white farmhouse home
Photo: Trinette Reed / Stocksy / Adobe Stock

Barns don’t have to be boring

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As more and more homeowners have made dramatic changes in how they use their homes, multipurpose spaces like barndominiums are on the rise; they offer the flexibility of added living space, the option of a home office, or the ability to create one epic bonus room. Choosing the best exterior paint color for your space will ultimately come down to personal preference; however, if you’re looking to follow trends, paint your space one of these popular barndominium colors.

1. Black

Black has been gaining steam in the past few years—not just as a paint color for traditional homes but also as a barndominium color scheme. It’s not only sleek and sophisticated, but it’s relatively low-maintenance. It’s more appealing than, say, white to the homeowner who lives in a humid climate that sees a lot of mold, dirt, and pollen and might find themselves needing to repaint every other year.

Recommended colors:

2. Red

standard red farmhouse home
Photo: Leah Flores / Stocksy / Adobe Stock

If you want your barndominium to look more traditional and less modern, you may pick a popular farmhouse paint color, like red instead. A fire-engine red looks good with a matte black or pure white trim, though if your design style trends more toward earth tones, you may opt for a paint color that’s earthy and reminiscent of clay and terracotta.

Recommended colors:

3. White

There’s something so timeless and elegant about a white facade, especially when painting a barn; you can’t beat a pure white paint when it comes to elegance and versatility. White paint comes in an array of hues, some warmer with yellow undertones and others cooler with a bluish tint. A white barndominium will require more regular paint touch-ups, but the brilliance of the color is worth it.

Recommended colors:

4. Gray

grey farmhouse surrounded by trees
Photo: driftwood / Adobe Stock

There’s nary a scenario when a structure does not look good painted gray, and a barndominium is no exception. Gray paint runs the gamut of deeper, almost charcoal hues to greige—a mix between gray and beige—to the lightest of foggy, cloud colors that can appear almost white on a paint chip.

Recommended colors:

5. Sage Green

Muted shades of olive or sage green paint really make a barn blend in with its natural surrounds. Choosing an earth color like sage fuses the structure to the landscape and is a good choice if you want the building to disappear—or you could go for a deeper hue on the color wheel like a forest green to make your barndominium stand out against a clear blue sky. 

Recommended colors:

6. Blue

blue farmhouse home in field
Photo: Imagenet / Adobe Stock

Blue is a widely used exterior color and more homeowners are picking it for their barndominium for good reason: The color pops and also fades seamlessly in the sky, creating a natural ombre-like effect. For more drama, go brighter toward the cerulean or cobalt blue end of the color spectrum while, if you’d rather have the structure blend in with the heavens entirely, opt for an ultra-light blue.

Recommended colors:

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