Are Masonite Entry Doors Good?

Updated April 15, 2020
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Question by pooh58: are masonite entry doors good? I am trying to buy a new front door with side lights. My door faces south. I want a wood grain fiberglass door with a composite frame. I don't want any wood on it because the door I have now which is 10 years old has a rotted wood frame. Therma Tru estimate was $6,000 without installation. I thought Masonite is a good brand.

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Answered by LCD: OK - I am confused - you say you thought Masonite was a good brand (they actually have products in the full range from box store extremely cheap junk fake wood particle board up to fairly high-end products), but you say the ThermaTru estimate was $6000 without installation. Unless there was a recent buyout, ThermaTru is a Fortune Brands product - Master Lock, Sentry Safes, moen faucets, etc are other Fortune brands.

I don't think I remember any comments about the two brands on the previous questions. Personally, I like Premdor doors (the mother Canadian company which owns Masonite) and do not like ThermaTru - all I have seen and heard of them has been bad - poor construction, mismatched hinges and components, weak frames so they sag, etc. Not a brand I would buy.

Personally, I prefer steel to fiberglass windows and doors - except in non-severe sun salt air environments I have no use for fiberglass door and window products because of the "fuzzing" and cracking that typically starts in the first 10 years, and the fading.

And $6000 for an entry door with sidelights - assuming you mean a not more than 48" wide door by about 7 feet high, generally $3000-4000 is what I would expect to see for an INSTALLED cost in a frame wall (possibly more in solid brick or concrete), not $6000 for the unit itself - I would be checking with more Door contractors for alternative brands and bids. For less than that you should be able to get an installed Pella or Marvin or Anderson for instance, which in my opinion are better brands than ThermaTru.

Answered by Aschatz: Masonite entry door are excellent doors and have a huge assortment to choose from. If you are looking for a local dealer you can go to and look up dealers in your area. If you put in a zip code it will show you the local dealers, this way you can go take a look at doors in the showroom and speak with a knowledgable sales associate.

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