Accessorize a Room to Reflect Your Interior Design Style

Kathryn Marsh
Written by Kathryn Marsh
Updated February 15, 2016
Home interior with artwork, lamps, sofa and decorative objects.
Without accessories a room lacks personality and feels unfinished, says Marsh.
Photo courtesy of Kathryn Interiors

Accessories are no afterthought; they are essential elements for creating stylish rooms with personal flair.

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Whether you’re redecorating a room from top to bottom, or just want to freshen up the look, don’t forget to accessorize.

The icing is the first thing we see when we look at a cake, and accessories are what catch your eye when you walk into a room. These finishing touches not only create the mood, but also help to coordinate elements in your home decor.

Paint color, furniture, flooring and window treatments are important; but well-chosen art and accessories reflect your personal style and add that finishing touch to a room.

Here are some tips for decorating with accessories:

Accessories you love

Look for accessories that speak to your interests.

You’re going to be living with these items; select things you will enjoy seeing in your home every day. They need not be expensive, but should add interest in shape, color and texture.

Don’t forget to include items that have sentimental value. Because these objects usually have great stories behind them, they are always interesting and help to personalize the space. Accessories such as art also can be great conversational pieces.

Interior design

Accessories aren’t just decorative; they can serve a purpose as well. Accessories with function can be anything from vases that hold fresh flowers to decorative bowls for nuts and candy.

Lamps are not only beautiful, but also provide essential light to any space. Potted plants also are great functional accessories; they work with any color scheme or design style and also clean the air.

Another practical item, the throw blanket, adds color and texture in addition to keeping you warm on chilly nights.

These functional accessories do double duty by simultaneously enhancing a room's style and fulfilling a practical purpose.

Grouping accessories

Your accessories will have a greater impact if you display them in groups. Dispersing them will only diminish their significance. Use odd numbers to create interesting arrangements.

When decorating a coffee table or end tables, vary the size of accessories and use items of different heights. Always include one item with color, such as flowers.

Art also can be grouped to display a collection of similar works. Items that include some of the colors in your room will create a more cohesive look.

Balance in home décor

Whether you’re selecting furniture or accessories, balance is a key component of any room design. A tall grandfather clock, for example, could overwhelm a narrow entry. Small accessories may seem lost in a large room.

To bring balance to a space, try utilizing other elements to build harmony. For instance, a room with high ceilings can appear better proportioned by filling empty corners with tall green plants.

Shop for the larger items first, such as art, lamps, vases and decorative boxes. They occupy more space and are helpful when trying to create balance.

After you place these accessories in the room, you can see if there are gaps where you could showcase smaller items. Always edit your selections, to avoid a cluttered look.

Accessories in context

Certain items seem to naturally belong in particular spaces.

Always think about where you are going to place an item. Ceramics and other food-related items, for example, look best in dining rooms and kitchens; so do fruit and vegetable paintings.

Accessorizing often is an afterthought, and this mistake can leave a space feeling dull and uncoordinated. Accessories are essential elements of decor and are powerful components for creating beautiful rooms.

Editor's note: This is an updated version of an article originally posted on Nov. 20, 2014.

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