5 Beautiful Treatments for Tall Windows

Stacey Marcus
Written by Stacey Marcus
Updated September 23, 2021
A bright living room with a tall windows and beautiful long curtains
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Dressing up your tall windows can add flair to your room

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If your home has tall windows, you are blessed with lots of lights and many options for window treatments. Whether your windows are inviting sunbeams into your living room or broadcasting a grand view from your bedroom, they can pull the whole room together.

Designer Dana Sands says the treatments you choose help you give your tall windows the attention they deserve. 

“The big question you need to answer is whether you want to create a luxurious ambiance or strive for something more casual,” Sands says. You have many options for making your tall windows pop, but she narrowed it down to five fabulous and different treatments to outfit your tall windows.

1. Draperies

A woman standing in front of a tall window with draperies
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Draperies provide a gracious dressing for tall windows. Pick a bold fabric for a pop of color, or blend the fabric hue with the wall so it won’t overpower the room. Silk fabrics are ultra-sophisticated, while a nubby sheer will provide a more casual look. You should also be sure to consider the scale of the hardware. Use chunkier rods to compensate for the large size of the window.

2. Stationary Panels

A living room with a fireplace and stationery panels over the curtains
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Stationary panels layered over a blind or shade will offer full light control and privacy without considerable stacking on the window. The vertical panels are ideal for tall windows, creating a sleek complement to the window’s height.

3. Wood or Faux Wood Blinds

Sunlit wood blinds on a window
Catherine Falls Commercial/Moment via Getty Images

Wood or faux wood blinds allow for complete privacy and excellent light control. They can also fit well into any style of room, making them a dream dressing choice for tall windows. These blinds will function best if they are left in a down position and tilted open and closed, as they will be cumbersome if you choose to raise them.

4. Roman Shades

A living room with tall windows with roman shades
KatarzynaBialasiewicz/ iStock vi Getty Images

Roman shades are also a great option for tall windows, especially if your goal is to make your room look taller. These flowing window treatments give you all the benefits of a beautiful billowing curtain fabric but with the utility of shades. Another bonus is the infinite selection of fabrics that these shades come in, including many colors and textures. Roman shades can also be custom-made in your choice of decorative materials for your tall windows.

5. Cellular Shades

A living room with cellular shades
Mint Images/Mint Images RF via Getty Images

Cellular shades are energy-efficient and great window treatment for homeowners looking for a modern solution for their tall windows. This type of window treatment features a shade with “cells” or different sections that can help keep light out and keep your room insulated. 

Cellular shades can come with the top-down/bottom-up lift system, which allows the shade to be lowered from the top or lifted from the bottom. This system works well if you want your privacy, but you don’t want to lose the natural light, as you can keep part of your shade open.

You Can Also Add Motorization to Any of These Options

Motorized window roller blinds with the remote controller on a sofa
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You may want to consider motorization for tall windows to provide more convenience and ease of operation. Along with not having to use a stool to reach the cord, you can control the light from anywhere in the room. 

With custom-made window treatments, you can choose to motorize anything from Roman to cellular shades for a simple way to operate your tall window treatments. Options include having your blinds or shades hardwired or using solar power or a battery wand.

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