5 Firewood Storage Ideas

Kaley Belakovich
Written by Kaley Belakovich
Updated September 1, 2016
iron bucket firewood storage
This iron bucket firewood holder comes with four sturdy legs to keep the metal box standing. (Photo courtesy of Antique Farmhouse/Jason Deymonaz)

Looking for creative ways to store firewood this year?

When the weather starts to cool, few things sound nicer than curling up in front of a fire. And unless your home features a gas or electric fireplace, you will also need to keep a stack of firewood nearby.

Looking for firewood storage that's a little more creative than stacking logs on the ground? Consider these firewood storage options.

firewood shed
A firewood shed provides ample room for your wood supply. (Photo courtesy of Alan Levine)

1. Firewood shed

If you go through a lot of firewood, chances are you like to keep dozens of logs on hand at once. Why not build the logs their own shed?

A firewood shed allows you to stack firewood neatly. Plus, the roof of the shed helps to protect the logs from getting wet due to rain.

2. Baskets

firewood in wicker basket
Consider a wicker basket for your firewood storage needs. They come in every size imaginable. (Photo courtesy of Grace Kat)

Got a wicker basket you're not using? Consider repurposing it as a firewood storage container.

Depending on the size, your wicker basket may not be a viable option for full logs, but the basket works well for smaller branches and pieces of kindling. Plus, a basket's handles provide easy transport of firewood from your yard to your hearth.

3. Buckets

copper bucket firewood storage
This copper bucket from Signature Hardware represents one household item you can repurpose for firewood storage. (Photo courtesy of Signature Hardware)

Repurposing buckets might be another way to repurpose an item you already own into a firewood holder.

Like the basket, a bucket makes a simple yet elegant addition to your hearth. Tall buckets allow you to store firewood vertically, while wide buckets allow room for stacking firewood.

4. Firewood rack

Plow & Hearth firewood rack
This firewood rack by Plow & Hearth also comes with storage hooks for fireplace tools. (Photo courtesy of Plow & Hearth)

If your home features a wood-burning fireplace, you probably own all of the tools to go with it — pokers, tongs, brooms and more — so why not kill two birds with one stone by buying a firewood rack on which to store both tools and wood?

Many fireplace supply companies offer racks to meet those needs. 

5. Firewood storage box

firewood storage box
A pine storage box keeps your firewood nearby but hidden from view. (Photo courtesy of Plow & Hearth)

Not everyone loves the appearance of firewood by the hearth. Sure, you love the fireplace. And you love the convenience of keeping your logs stashed nearby. But maybe you don't want to see a stack of unused logs in your living room.

If so, consider a firewood storage box.

A firewood storage box allows you to keep wood near the hearth without the unsightly pile of wood stacked nearby.

Editor's note: Thanks to Plow & Hearth, Antique Farmhouse and Signature Hardware for sharing your products.

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