3 Ways Window Treatments Can Save You Money

Kim Rush
Written by Kim Rush
Updated September 28, 2015
Window Treatments
Items that experience the most direct sun exposure should be protected with a window treatment that blocks harsh light. (Photo courtesy of Decorview)

How much are your bare windows costing you?

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You may think that bare windows only impact the design aesthetic of your home, but window treatments play an often-overlooked functional role, increasing privacy, energy efficiency and UV protection. Here are three ways the right window treatments will help keep money in your wallet.

1. Energy Loss

Did you know that as much as 50 percent of a home's heating and cooling energy can be lost through its windows? Maintaining the perfect home climate can be expensive, especially with the record setting temperatures hitting much of the country during winter and summer months. Stop throwing money literally out the window every season and invest in window treatments that will boost your home’s energy efficiency.

Nearly all window treatments offer some degree of temperature control. Keeping blinds, shades and draperies closed during cold, winter nights will go a long way to keep your home’s internal temperature warm so your furnace won’t have to work overtime. The same practice can be applied to hot, summer days to prevent your AC from running non-stop.

For maximum energy-efficiency, choose insulating window treatments that will prevent warm air from escaping and cold air from entering (the reverse is true in the summer). The most energy efficient window treatments available are those with cellular construction, which trap air in distinct pockets for increased insulation at the window. And for even more climate control, consider layering blinds or shades with drapery for a perfect seal. 

2. Burglary Bait

Having valuables in plain sight, like near a window with no covering, is quintessential burglar bait. Rather than take a risk of breaking into a home with few expensive possessions, most robbers will peek through open windows to see what’s worth taking.

Garage windows are some of the most common places in the home that lack window treatments, allowing burglars to easily peer in to access your valuables. And it’s not just your expensive tools or fancy bike they are looking to snatch. The value of your vehicle parked in the garage is often a good indication of the valuables in your home. So if you’re driving around in the latest and greatest, most burglars will assume the contents of your home match. 

But don’t worry; windows don’t need to be completely drawn to protect your valuables. Sheer window treatments are a great way to shield the interior of your home from outside view, while at the same time still allowing light to enter the room. “Shoulda, woulda, coulda” is a hard lesson to learn, so don’t wait until you have to spend unplanned money replacing your belongings to install window treatments for privacy. 

3. No UV Protection

As much as you may worship natural light in your home, over time, the sun’s rays wreak havoc on your valuables, bleaching wood floors and fading colors and fabrics. Replacing furnishings and flooring before the end of their useful life is a real drag and drain on your wallet. Some valuables, like original artwork, are irreplaceable. 

Items that experience the most direct sun exposure should be protected with a window treatment that blocks harsh light. Screen shades offer at least 75 percent protection from harmful UV rays, while still maintaining your view of the outdoors.

Like with skin, sun damage is often irreversible, making it imperative that you choose and install the right window treatment before damage becomes visible. Because no one likes the surprise of rolling up an area rug and discovering you now have a permanent imprint of it on the wood floor. 

This article originally appeared on Decorview's blog.

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