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There are more than 100,000 roofers in the US alone.  They typically charge between $40-$80 per hour.  Each state has its own licensing and certificiation rules for roofing contractors.  At Angie's List, we have the best reviews to find and hire roofing pros that can help install or repair any type of roof.  You can see our list of roofer along with ratings or browse roofers near you to match with a roofing company quickly.

Learn more about roofing including the real cost of a new roof, types of roofs, questions to ask before hiring roofers, and many more roofing details.

Angie's List member Christine W. submitted this photo showing roof damage caused by Hurricane Sandy.
Storm PreparednessRoofing Repairs
Preparing your home for a hurricane or storm can prevent major damage and expensive repairs.
 (Photo by U. S. Army Corps of Engineers photo by Jeffrey Henon)
Roofing RepairsStorm Preparedness
Repairing storm or wind damage costs an average of $8,344. Most job costs range between $2,301 and $14,541.
Cedar wood roof shingles
Roofing Repairs
Roofing shingles cost between $80 and $160 for high-end wood shingles, such as cedar.
Roofer working on flat roof repair
Roofing RepairsRoof Inspections
Dear Angie: What kind of detailed info should be on a roofing company’s bid to replace a roof?
Don't get caught off guard by storm chasers. Always do your research to ensure you hire the best. (Photo courtesy of Dennis Miles)
Roofing RepairsStorm Preparedness
An Angie's List member poll showed that nearly 40 percent who hired a door-to-door roofing contractor said the company did shoddy work.