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There are more than 100,000 roofers in the US alone. They typically charge between $40-$80 per hour. Each state has its own licensing and certification rules for roofing contractors. At Angi, we have the best reviews to find and hire roofing pros that can help install or repair any type of roof. You can see our list of roofers along with ratings or browse roofers near you to match with a roofing company quickly.

Learn more about roofing including the real cost of a new roof, types of roofs, questions to ask before hiring roofers, and many more roofing details.

Featured Roofing Articles

Installing a New Roof

Two workers replacing the roof (Photo by Visoot Uthairam/Moment via Getty Images)
Our six tips for getting ready for a roof replacement will make the process much easier
An roofer installing flashing on skylight (Photo by Huntstock/Brand X Pictures via Getty Images)
RoofingRoof CleaningRoof InspectionsRoofing RepairsRoofAttic
Skylights, satellite dishes, and even improper ventilation are just some of the factors
roof ventilation (Photo by Angie's List)
Roof InspectionsRoof
With so many types of roof ventilation, how do you know which attic vent is best for your home?
A thorough roof cleaning will take off all black stains and moss, bringing your roof back up to a like-new appearance, says Ashworth. (Photo courtesy of Angie's List member Teresa J. of Longview, Washington)
Roof CleaningRoof InspectionsRoofing RepairsRoofAsphaltGutter
Even if your roof is looking unsightly, it might not be time to replace it. A thorough roof cleaning can give your roof a fresh look and add years to it’s life.
roofing contractors working on home
Roofing RepairsRoof
A roofer explains what homeowners should do when faced with an unexpected roofing repair.