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large kitchen island, family breakfast, modern kitchen
Home OwnershipReal Estate AgentsBathroom RemodelingRemodel KitchensPlanning a RemodelRemodel
It takes more than just four walls and a roof to make a home.
An open concept living area including wide hallways and doorways allows for plenty of room for a wheelchair to manuever around the space. (Photo by Frank Espich)
Real Estate AgentsArchitects
Certain features of universal design are in high demand with home buyers.
herb garden on patio
Landscaper and Landscape Designs
Urban and apartment dwellers’ lack of space limits their room to grow — both in family members or gardens.
an open refrigerator full of food
Home OrganizationKitchen Organizers and Storage
Not sure what's lurking in the back of your fridge? Use this organization checklist to keep your food smelling and tasting fresh.
On-street parking is scarce in Chicago. Be sure to have your parking plans in place before moving day. (Photo by Photo courtesy of member Iolanda S.)
DIY MovingMovers & Moving CompaniesCar, Truck and Van RentalReal Estate Agents
Moving can be a big enough hassle — make it go smoothly by planning your parking in advance.