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Home Inspection

Closing day activities for Zionsville home buyers Kristin and Andrew Bargeron included a final walk through of the property and signing documents. (Photo by Steve C. Mitchell)
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Buying a home doesn't have to mean mountains of paperwork, costly inspection surprises, and days filled with worry.
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Ready to secure the best interest rate for your mortgage refinance?
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Furnaces & Home Heating SystemsHome Inspection
If your heating system’s red tagged, or labeled unsafe, pay attention.
Home InspectionInsulation

Heating and cooling costs make up more than half of the energy consumed in your home. By repairing your insulation, you can save more than 20 percent on your utilities year round.

Home Inspection

If your water softener isn't properly maintained, it won't eliminate hard water and could damage your plumbing! As if that isn't enough, untreated hard water will leave unsightly mineral deposits on your shower, toilet, dishes and even in your hair.