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This home at 1000 E. 48th St. in Chicago's Kenwood neighborhood has a troubled past and has sat for sale for several months.  (Photo by Steven Jack)
Real Estate Agents
Whether it's a death by natural causes or something more sinister, home buyers may be surprised by what real estate agents don't have to tell you under Illinois law.
meth paraphernalia found in meth lab house
Biohazard RemediationReal Estate Agents
Contamination due to cooking methamphetamine presents a big problem for Hoosier homeowners, Realtors and law enforcement.
Developers wanted to restore Fall Creek Place to its former glory. All homes must meet specific standards and stay true to the neighborhood feel. (Photo by Eldon Lindsay)
Apartment LivingHomebuilderReal Estate Agents
How do you change a neighborhood riddled with abandoned homes and high crime? See how Fall Creek Place in Indianapolis made the transformation.
Moving boxes in a pile
DIY MovingMovers & Moving CompaniesReal Estate Agents
Use these tips to locate boxes for your next move.
Home Inspection
Home InspectionReal Estate Agents
Is choosing from the list of home inspectors provided by your realtor really your best option?