Home Health Hazards


Mold Removal and Remediation

Indoor Air Quality

contractor wearing haz-mat suit, mask and respirator
If renovating a home older than 20 years, ask the contractor you hire to test for possible asbestos.
Asbestos removal worker in hazmat suit
Tradespeople like remodelers, roofers and plumbers are more at risk of asbestos exposure due to their work.
infographic showing places in home where asbestos may be found
Asbestos likely remains in millions of homes, especially those built before the 1970s.
4 contractors in haz-mat suits
Before disturbing flooring, plumbing or insulation in your home, hire a licensed and certified pro to test for asbestos.
Home InspectionBaby Proofing & Childproofing

Every six minutes, a child ends up in the emergency room because of a stair-related injury. And these visits aren't just about scraped knees – three out of four of those kids suffer head and neck injuries! To protect your family, take fifteen minutes to check the safety of your stairs.