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A broken water main caused a woman's home in Northern Virginia to flood. (Photo courtesy of FEMA)
Basement WaterproofingBasementWater and Smoke DamageHomeowners and Renters Insurance
Broken water main floods Virginia woman's basement
Sump PumpsBasement WaterproofingWater and Smoke Damage
If you’ve ever been the victim of water in your home then you know how much of a hassle and how costly it can be to repair the damage. Having a sump pump in your house is the best defense against flooding.
Basement WaterproofingWater and Smoke Damage
If you have a flood or fire at your home, or a sump pump failure, you need to make sure the company helping you restore your home and belongings is up to snuff. Good companies can also remove smoke odors, along with any moisture to prevent mildew. Don't rush into using any old restoration or remediation company. Be sure to follow these tips for having the best experience.
The smallest plumbing leak can compound over time and lead to a costly repair.
Water and Smoke DamageCommon Plumbing ProblemsPlumbers
If your house is flooded or damaged by a leak or overflow of water, the repairs can be extensive and expensive. Here’s what you can do to help fix the problem.
water damaged subfloor and drywall
Water and Smoke DamageHomeowners and Renters Insurance
Don't let a burst pipe or leaky appliance ruin your house. Follow these steps to prevent a soggy and expensive mess.