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Thousands of Okies were affected by the tornado that struck Moore, Oklahoma. A few of them found time to speak with Angie’s List employees sent to the area to check on the safety and needs of our members.
Tree cleanup
Storm Preparedness
Public safety officials say the most crucial reaction to tornadoes comes before the warning. They recommend practicing a plan and using multiple alert methods.
Storm cellar
Storm Preparedness
An Angie's List member and service provider explain the benefits of seeking shelter underground in a steel box during storms.
green custom cellar bulkhead door
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A bulkhead door offers easy outside access to your basement or crawl space.
When trying to locate a leak source, first check the underside of your roof decking for signs of water intrusion. (Photo courtesy of Angie's List member Patricia C. of Vermilion, Ohio)
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When dealing with a water leak, the most frustrating part of the process can often be finding the source. Follow these steps to deduce your leak's source.