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Buying an older home comes with a litany of potential complications.
Johnna Hurt's three oldest children — Alyssa (left), Cameron (center) and Rainy — were all diagnosed with lead poisoning in 2005 and still suffer from the effects. (Photo by Nick Oxford)
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The risk of lead exposure remains, particularly for families who remodel older homes.
Jeff Van Slooten, owner of Lead Detective Agency, performs a lead clearance test in a client's home. (Photo by Ron Nabity)
Lead Paint Removal
Current EPA rules require only a visual examination after work is done in a home that contains lead hazards, but a clearance test provides the best results.
Disturbing lead paint on any type of surface without proper containment and disposal can result in lead poisoning. (Photo by Brandon Smith)
Lead Paint Removal
Angie's List secretly shopped painters, remodelers, window contractors and hardware stores to test their lead-safety knowledge. The results may surprise you.
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Storm Preparedness
Use these tips to prep your home and automobile for severe winter weather.