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dentist tools
Oral Health and Teeth Cleaning
A common myth is that adults don’t need to visit the dentist as often as they did as children.
tools used for applying dental sealants
Oral Health and Teeth Cleaning
Even if your child’s routine involves brushing and flossing twice a day, dental sealants still offer benefits.
dentist applying a filling
Oral Health and Teeth Cleaning
Why choose one material over another when you have a cavity or other restorative need?
dental floss
Oral Health and Teeth Cleaning
Let me guess — your children love cookies and candy, right? Do they prefer french fries to fresh broccoli? Well of course, they’re kids!
physical therapist working with patient walking
Physical Therapy
Reduce scoliosis pain and improve flexibility with some physical therapy sessions.
gardening spade in soil
Get your garden and landscape started with these plant growing tips.
valleys on a roof
Roofing RepairsRoof
Check your roof for soft spots. They could indicate trouble.
Your dogs constant scratching may be due to a few different causes. (Photo by Kim N.)
Detroit animal training experts give tips about dog trainers, methods and pricing for consumers.
Merrittscape created an aesthetically pleasing design for Michael K.'s front entrance. (Photo courtesy of Angie's List member Michael K. of Clarkston, Mich.)
Landscaping - Hardscaping & Pavers

Clarkston, Michigan Angie’s List member hired Merrittscape of Waterford, Michigan, to create natural landscape at front door entryway using rock outcroppings.