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Concrete slab foundation leak and water damage
PlumbingCommon Plumbing ProblemsPlumbers
The average slab leak repair cost is around $2,280, including the price of detecting the issue. If you’ve only got a minor leak on your hands, you might pay as little as $630. Leaks that are difficult to reach could increase the price to $4,400 or more.
gloved hands holding a sponge and spray bottle
House Cleaning
Keep bacteria away by ensuring regular washes or changes of your sponges and rags.
car up on hydraulic lift
General Auto RepairBrakes
What's causing so many more brake lines to need replacement?
mother and child with a television in the background
Baby Proofing & Childproofing
Chicago childproofing experts tell you how you can prevent accidents where children are hurt by falling furniture.
new home built in Chicago
RemodelHiring a Contractor
Check a contractor's licensing before hiring them for a home improvement project in the Windy City.
Temporary backyard pools with a depth of more than 24 inches and electric pumps require permits, fencing, and proper electrical setups in many Chicago suburban communities. (Photo by Steven Jack)
Swimming Pools
Did you know that many cities, including Chicago suburbs, require a permit to put up any swimming pool? Fencing, electrical rules affect temporary pools too.
a digital antenna on top of a house
TV Repair & ServicesTV AntennasTV Cable & Satellite Providers
There are plenty of options that'll provide TV content and save you money.
wallet with money sticking out (Photo by Eldon Lindsay)
Hiring a ContractorContractors
Want to lower your remodeling budget but you need to get your contractor on board? Negotiate lower home improvement contract costs with these seven tips.
After a harsh winter, get your home looking fresh and clean with a professional pressure washing. (Photo by Photo courtesy of Angie's List member Dee G.)
Pressure WashingDeck Maintenance
Keep your home clean inside and out by hiring a pro to pressure wash your home's siding and get your deck ready for spring.
floor installation
Learn how hiring a handyman can quickly eliminate your to-do list.
Wilczak says he doesn't accept work from Realtors as it creates a conflict of interest. (Photo courtesy of Mark Wilczak)
The Angie's List Newsroom reveals the Best & Worst Chicago Contractors of 2013, chosen for their superior or shoddy service. Did your contractor make the list?
carpenter ant
Ants, Spiders and Insects
Know your options for eradicating ants and keeping them at bay.
Chicago plumbers explain why a homeowner's toilet trys to flush on its own.
A plumber can help winterize your home to prevent any frozen pipes or water damage.
Common Plumbing ProblemsPlumbers
Winterizing is one thing to remember when closing your vacation home in cold areas.
Basement RemodelingPlanning a RemodelRemodelContractors
Learn about three projects ideal for winter home remodeling and renovation.