Who Can Change Light Bulbs?

Laura Hennigan
Written by Laura Hennigan
Updated November 12, 2021
Electrician man worker installing ceiling lamp
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Some light bulb changes are extra complicated, so hiring a professional may be your best bet

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Homeownership comes with many regular tasks, including changing the light bulbs around your house when they burn out. While many simple bulbs, such as those in lamps and LED strip lights, are easy to take care of yourself, there are some instances where hiring a professional is a smart idea.

With a wide variety of light and light bulbs on the market today, some of them are extra difficult to reach, or use a specialty style you’re unfamiliar with. And while calling a professional to change your light bulbs might seem like a slightly frivolous expense, it’s actually a very common occurrence.

Benefits of Hiring an Electrician to Change Light Bulbs

Electricians know more than the average homeowner about all things power-related, and trusting an expert is the best choice to help with any electrical issues, no matter how small. While they are changing out light bulbs, electricians are also examining the fixture for any potential issues and can also get a better view of the wiring. Professional electricians usually charge between $50 and $100 per hour.

If you’ve noticed frequent flickering, odd buzzing noises, or a bulb that seems extra dim, it’s likely time for a professional electrician to take a look. Light bulbs can be defective, or can show changes that may indicate a problem with the wiring. Since the electricity will need to be shut off and power sources examined, hiring an electrician is the best way to guarantee things will be done safely.

Can I Change Light Bulbs Myself?

You’re likely already used to changing out bulbs in your lamps, and low-ceiling lighting, so those can continue to be a chore you take care of as needed. But some situations may require some extra tools or supplies to change light bulbs out yourself.

How to DIY Changing High Bulbs

If you have high ceilings, it may be worth investing in an extended light bulb changers, which offers a pole that can be paired with several different types of bulb grabbers. These kits range from 11 to 24 feet long, and cost between $20 and $80. Combined with a ladder, these extended light bulb changers can provide you with plenty of access for changing out-of-reach bulbs.

Can I Hire Other Types of Pros to Change Light Bulbs?

If you have other household projects that you plan to outsource, it may be worthwhile to ask about their light bulb changing services as well. General contractors often have the tools needed to replace light bulbs that are stuck, or very high up. A handyman service generally runs anywhere from $50 to $75 for a visit. Another option is to ask any painters you are hiring to add on this task, since they will likely already be up on a ladder. While some painting companies may roll this into the cost of your project, others may tack on an extra fee of $20 to $40.

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