Storage Vaults: Everything You Need to Know About Them

D.P. Taylor
Written by D.P. Taylor
Updated April 18, 2022
Storage vaults piled in a warehous
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  • Storage vaults are an alternative to self-storage and mobile containers.

  • They provide extra security and are best for storing valuable possessions.

  • They also offer better storage efficiency, climate control, and professional moving help.

  • Their main downside is they’re often more expensive than standard storage.

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Keeping your belongings safe is a priority for any homeowner, whether you're in the midst of a move or just have things you don't want lying around unsecured, like valuables. And if public storage or a mobile container isn't enough for you, you may have thought about a storage vault.

But does a storage vault make sense in your situation? And what advantages does it really provide? This handy guide goes into those details and will help you make a decision.

What Are Storage Vaults For?

A storage vault is best for people with valuable items they want in long-term storage and don't plan on accessing often. Unlike self-storage units or storage containers, storage vaults aren't meant for clients to stop by every so often to check things in and out. Their items are carefully packed into crates for maximum storage efficiency, so they're usually not easily accessible.

Here are some examples of when you'd want to use a storage vault:

  • Your job has asked you to transfer to an overseas location for a few months, but you still plan to return home afterward.

  • You have valuable artwork you plan to showcase at an art show in the coming months.

  • You're renovating a home and need a place to keep furniture while the work is being done.

The bottom line is, storage vaults are great for security and protection for long-term storage, and self-storage or storage containers are best for everyday belongings you may want to access regularly—or at least in the short term.

What Can the Vault Store?

Detail of storage vault crates
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Because of the extra security, storage vaults are often used for more valuable possessions, such as high-end wine, expensive art, or gold bullion. However, you can store practically anything you want inside of one. It's basically another storage option if you don't want to keep items in a public storage unit or container on your property—or if you just want pros to handle the packing and security of your precious belongings.

What Are the Main Benefits of Secure Vault Storage?

4 benefits of a storage vault, including storage efficiency and a professional staff

There are several main benefits to vault storage you should consider.

Better Security

Self-storage units come with risks. Unlike public storage units or containers on your property with minimal security, storage vaults can give homeowners peace of mind that their treasured belongings will be kept safe. They’re kept in a private, secure facility, and only approved employees can access your items.

Maximum Storage Efficiency

Storage vaults are packed with crates in such a way as to maximize the efficiency of the space. This means you're not paying for wasted, unused space, as you would often do if you have a storage unit or container.

Professional Packing and Moving

Moving is a pain, so it's a plus if you can get someone else to do it. As part of the fees you pay for private vault storage, you get a local moving pro who'll both pack and move out your items when you need them to.

Temperature-Controlled Space

Most storage units and containers aren't temperature-controlled, but storage vaults are. They’re protected from extreme cold or heat that could damage certain valuables.

How Big Are the Storage Vaults?

How much a storage vault can hold depends on the company or if you want a custom vault. A vault that’s 250 to 300 cubic feet is a fairly common size. And, of course, you can always get multiple vaults if need be.

How Much Does a Storage Vault Cost?

A 10-by-10-foot self-storage unit will cost $80 to $160 per month on average, while a portable unit averages between $90 and $250 each month. A storage vault will typically cost about $150 to $250 per month, and more than that if the items stored are particularly valuable. That's because you're paying for extra security, features such as climate control, and the labor to move and protect your belongings. Contact a storage company near you for a quote.

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