Hollywood Regency Design Is Glamorous, Glitzy, and Belongs in Your Home

Ginny Bartolone
Written by Ginny Bartolone
Updated April 5, 2022
A living room with a dramatic light fixture
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  • Hollywood Regency style peaked in 1930s California.

  • The style incorporates Rococo, Neoclassical, Art Deco, and several similar styles.

  • Hollywood Regency showcases maximalism—the idea that more is always more.

  • Bold color contrasts, animal patterns, and gilding all play a role in the look.

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What happens when you combine the glamor of a Hollywood star with a Regency-era character from “Bridgerton”? From the 1920s to the 1950s, the Hollywood Regency style redefined what the "lifestyles of the rich and famous" truly meant. If you long to fill your space with drama, opulence, and an unabashed check-out-my-Instagram sense of glamor, Hollywood Regency style may be for you.

Key Elements of Hollywood Regency Design

Designers like William Haines and Dorothy Draper built this iconic design in Hollywood at a time when actors were seen as larger-than-life figures that lived in equally opulent homes. Designers borrowed styles from a range of cultures and historic styles, specifically the ornamentation of Rococo, the geometry of Neoclassical style, and sharp lines of Art Deco. Today's iteration of the Hollywood Regency glam decor can be as toned down or over-the-top as you desire.


Unlike a minimalist room—where the furniture and decor aim to blend into the background—maximalist design stands center stage. Every element of a Hollywood Regency room makes a purposeful statement. Contrasting colors, dramatic light fixtures, and highly reflective surfaces make the room feel more confident, dramatic, and bright.

Metallic Surfaces

One of the most common elements of a Hollywood Regency room is silver, gold, or brass surfaces. Mirrors and frames are incredibly popular, particularly in dramatic shapes or as the focal point of the wall. You'll also find these surfaces on coffee and side tables, bathroom counters, side hutches, and bar carts. If you shined a Hollywood spotlight on the room, it would reflect the light in all directions.

Contrasting Color Scheme

In this design, maximalism does not mean busy. Designers choose a set of common color schemes, often with two bold colors offset by neutrals and metallics. For example, some rooms are black and white and with gold accents, others showcase emerald and pink with touches of silver. The style loves jewel tones, but will often stick with just one of two to avoid getting too cluttered.

Haute Furniture

Once you know what to look for, it's hard to miss a piece of Hollywood Regency furniture. The rounded-back Brentwood chair, for example, came right from William Haines himself. Other popular Hollywood Regency items reflect an Art Decor style with clean geometric trims and opulent accents. Satin and velvet are popular additions, as well as upholstered headboards, dramatically structured chairs, and curved loveseats.

Statement Patterns

Hollywood Regency rooms love a strong pattern, especially when it makes yet another bold statement with its color or unique placement. Favorite patterns of the era include animal prints, Rococo-style floral patterns, and nearly any abstract pattern with movement. Choosing a single pattern or mixing two patterns can tie an overwhelming room together, particularly in upholstery, rugs, throw pillows, or accent wallpaper.

How to Incorporate Eclectic Design Home Design Into Your Home

A bedroom with a sunburst mirror
Photo: KatarzynaBialasiewicz / iStock / Getty Images Plus / Getty Images

Imagine coming home to an ornate living or dining room worthy of Katherine Hepburn. Hollywood Regency allows you to reach for the bold, eye-catching choice without crossing into gaudiness. If you're hoping to slowly transition a room to the Hollywood Regency style—or are working with a local interior designer from the ground up—here are some easy ways to raise your home glam level.

Sunburst Mirrors

Let's start with a small addition that makes a large splash. Sunburst mirrors and frames are iconic in Hollywood Regency design. The embellishment comes in all shapes and sizes and can either pass as a sole accent on a wall or as part of a larger gallery wall design. You can also incorporate Hollywood Regency design into smaller spaces with this touch, such as when you're adding bathroom decor or updating a walk-in closet.

Not into the look of the famous sunburst mirror? Consider adding a gold or silver chandelier that emulates the same feeling.

Hosting-Friendly Floor Plan

Hollywood Regency homes weren't just about adding glitzy wall decor and dramatic furniture. Open floor plans encouraged the lifestyle of Hollywood culture. The flow of the room encouraged dinner and cocktail parties, chatting with your creative circle, and taking in California scenery through large windows. 

Create a multi-use space by adding a bar car, floating kitchen island, or a new seating area that encourages conversation. If you get inspired to make major changes, such as removing a wall, work with a local structural engineer to consider your options.

Iconic Color Palette

Color is an excellent way to overhaul a room for the Hollywood Regency look. Pale pink, soft emerald, white, and cream all work as standard backdrops. Accent colors include neon pink, tropical green, black, gold, and silver. Add more jewel tones like purple, ruby, or peacock green for extra flair. Stick to cooler colors in the bedroom and go bold in active spaces like the kitchen and living room.

Faux Animal Accents

Animal rugs, wallpaper patterns, and upholstery were a large part of the original Hollywood Regency style. You'd also catch furry accent rugs, throw pillows, and luxe throws for a bit of comfort. Opt for the faux animal alternatives these days, and sneak animal prints onto an accent wall, bedding, or something as simple as plates and bowls.

Patterned Tiles

The maximalist glam of Hollywood Regency works on more permanent home changes as well. If you're adding new tile to the bathroom or considering a new tile backsplash design in the kitchen, make a statement with patterned tile. Stick with an easily matchable color like blue, black, or gold for more seasonal flexibility.

Gilded Fixtures

Check out any of your dream Hollywood Regency room designs and you're unlikely to miss the gold and silver gilding. Look for more opportunities to reflect light, opting for metallic lamps, chandeliers, tabletops, counters, and shelving. Add gilded accents to your fireplace mantle or dress up your cabinets with gilded knobs.

There's no question that Hollywood Regency reflects opulence, even if you don't have as glamorous a life as Bette Davis or Humphrey Bogart—I mean, do any of us? Working with professional local interior painters, tile installers near you, and (of course) an interior designer are key ways to pull off the look with as much extravagance as possible.

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