Don't Miss These 10 Home Decor Styles Making the Leap into 2022

Ginny Bartolone
Written by Ginny Bartolone
Updated January 5, 2022
A grey corner couch with pillows and blankets
Photo: Katarzyna Bialasiewicz / iStock / Getty Images Plus / Getty Images

If you’re looking for your next home decor inspiration, you may want to look outside for inspiration

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Interior design trends have this clever ability to reflect the energy of the world and how we interact with our homes. Perhaps this has never been so clear heading into 2022, when our precious sanctuaries act as work-from-home spaces, a spot for intimate cocktail nights with close friends, or simply as a respite from everything beyond our front doors.

These 10 rooms show off the emerging design styles that will get even bigger heading into the new year, from natural decor to cottagecore coziness that's taking the home design world by storm. If you're reading to embark on your next home makeover, check out the trends to follow and classic designs hanging for the long run.

1. Biophilic Design

A bedroom with nature inspired walls
Photo: Rachel Howlett / Howlett & Co

The great outdoors is weaving its way inside in a range of clever ways, and this design style is all about it. Literally taking inspiration from nature, biophilic design typically means incorporating outside elements in big ways, like in the form of a skylight or a living wall.

But if you’re looking for ways to add this to your home without taking the whole plunge, think about trying smaller design elements at first, whether it’s bringing in fresh flowers or adding in nature-inspired colors.

Owen and Rachel Howlett of Howlett & Co set the foundational tone of the room with this delicate green and balanced it against soft white, a rich hardwood floor, and the palest of pinks. You'll notice—quite purposely, we imagine—that the view outside the window complements the colors of the room as well.

2. Natural Minimalism

A minimalistic living room
Photo: Becki Owens

Calming, minimalistic spaces are taking on a soft, nature-inspired palette against the style's traditional foundation of white walls, floors, and furniture.

Designer Becki Owens fills this versatile room with a range of burnt tan, black, and soft beige accents while lush potted plants pull in the eye toward a pop of green. Use this soft color palette in rooms that benefit from a sense of calm and balance, such as in your bedding and bedroom window treatments or in the paint colors of your home office.

3. Mid-Century Modern…With a Twist

Interior of a modern white and green kitchen
Photo: Lissa Anglin / Part of Me

If you’re a mid-century modern lover, you may be wondering if the trend has staying power going into yet another new year. The answer is yes, but we’re seeing many add a twist.

We’re seeing many adapt the classic home design style with warmer, cozy accents, making it have true staying power. Think gorgeous mid-century lighting fixtures with boho rugs and pillows or sleek gold hardware with gorgeous earthy tones mixed in, as we see in the kitchen above.

The design by Lissa Anglin, creator of the blog Part of Me, melded mid-century vibes with a modern twist by bringing in the year's most popular hue: green. The vibrant olive in her island balances with brass accents and white finishes. "Once I knew we’d be doing saltillo tile throughout this space," Lissa notes on her blog, "I wanted to counter all those orangey-reds with something complimentary but still natural feeling."

We’ve seen green pop up everywhere, from cabinets to dinnerware to wall paint colors, and we think it’s going to get even more popular in 2022.

4. Modern Utilitarian

A grey living room
Photo: / Adobe Stock

While whimsical design styles are also seeing an uptick this year, so are those that allow our homes to be far more than simply a place to land after a long day at work.

Modern utilitarian design is all about keeping things simple yet flexible. That means designing previously played a single role—such as a guest room or a library— to now take on the multi-use flexibility of a home office, reading nook, or simply a place to sneak off for a nap.

Flexible floor plans allow homeowners to use the room however they need to on that unique day. Home offices work particularly well with this simple, sleek, and customizable layout.

5. Cottagecore Coziness

A rose gold living room
Photo: Pamela Adams / Reformed Decor

Are you cottagecore-curious? This rapidly growing trend reflects the unplugged, classic lifestyle of a country estate that's packed with comfortable textures, touches of floral, and all the charming details of a rural home. Pamela Adams of Reformed Decor shows off the balance between the pastoral trend and a modern color palette of white, pale green, rose, and gold.

6. Grandmillennial

Historical house prideaux place in Cornwall
Photo: Andreas von Einsiedel /Corbis Documentary / Getty Images

A curious trend that emerged over the past few years is breaking into the mainstream—the grandmillennial style. Just as the name suggests, imagine a modern take on your grandmother's needlepoint and ruffle-filled home with a touch of contemporary fixtures. Vintage decor, bold patterns, and plenty of nostalgia fill this design.

7. Modern Farmhouse

A dining room with open kitchen
Photo: Rachael Bliefnick / This is our Bliss

You’ve no doubt noticed the rise of the modern farmhouse aesthetic over the past few years, whether you had a name for it or not. Think warm, classic decor with a hint of bold, modern accents.

Black accents and metallic fixtures, for example, add a highly sophisticated contemporary look to classic country coziness. Rachael Bliefnick, creator of This is our Bliss, displays how to expertly use one of the most popular movements in design today. The tie-in of black-and-brass pendant lights, countertops, and even the clever drapes in the distance create a cohesive look in a multi-purpose kitchen and dining area.

8. DIY Design

White DIY decoration
Photo: Emily Traxler / LeCultivateur

The creative ingenuity of DIY decor stepped even further into the spotlight during two years of highly focused home design. People are turning their hobbies and talents into gorgeous pieces, and this design trend reflects that. The vintage-inspired mantle above, topped with aged mirrors, breaks free from the traditional country look with unique floral arrangements.

Emily Traxler of the home design blog LeCultivateur, noted, "I love using the seed pods from golden rain trees in my fall decor." Meld your hobbies with home decor by displaying a macrame wall hanging or by showing off your DIY upholstery skills. If you're exploring photography or painting, dedicate a wall or floating shelves to your work.

9. Naturalist

A wooden dining table
Photo: scottshoots / Adobe Stock

You've surely spotted nature working its way through many of these design trends so far, and this trend is no exception. This trend is all about using materials that come from nature itself and keeping them looking like they were plucked right from outside.

Live-edge tables, brilliant marble and quartz, and other sought-after natural materials act as the focal point in a room to tie in the colors, patterns, and layout, also nodding to the great outdoors.

10. Coastal Interior Design

Interior of modern bedroom
Photo: Pixel-Shot / Adobe Stock

After what was not exactly a stress-free year, the calm hues of an oceanside haven are rising in popularity. This design style blends perfectly with bedroom design and other restful spaces in your home. Bedroom sanctuaries, particularly those with natural seaside colors, are on the rise with an abundance of plants, soothing wall colors, smooth edges.

Havens like these don't require complex or designer furniture to succeed, just a local interior designer who understands how you'd like to feel in the space.

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