How Much Does It Cost to Apply Venetian Plaster?

Kelly Weimert
Written by Kelly Weimert
Reviewed by Robert Tschudi
Updated July 19, 2022
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  • Venetian plaster adds depth and texture to interior walls.

  • Venetian plaster typically costs $10–$25 per square foot to apply.

  • You can save money by applying Venetian plaster yourself.

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Venetian plaster is a textural finish that you can apply to painted walls to elevate to your aesthetic. Made from fired limestone and water, Venetian plaster provides a soft, organic look that adds depth and movement to a space, along with a subtle, iridescent sheen. 

The finish has been around since ancient eras, and it's still a coveted application today—so it's an interior update that can definitely withstand the test of time. The average cost to apply Venetian plaster is $585 to $815 total, but this range varies by several factors. Find how much it costs to install Venetian plaster based on factors like square footage and whether you hire a pro to do it. 

“We worked on adding electrical outlets to an historic home that was built in the mid-1850s in historic Wilmington, North Carolina,” says Bob Tschudi, Angi Expert Review Board member and general contractor in Raleigh, NC. “To do that, we needed to make cuts in the vintage lath-and-plaster walls. You can’t repair that with 21st century drywall and joint compound and have an authentic look.”

How Much Does It Cost to Apply Venetian Plaster per Square Foot?

It generally costs $10 to $25 per square foot to install Venetian plaster depending on the type, according to HomeAdvisor. For instance, colored Venetian plaster usually costs more than basic, undyed Venetian plaster, so you can expect to pay closer to $25 per square foot for colored plaster.

Venetian Plaster Application Cost Breakdown

3 costs of venetian plaster application, with labor averaging $20 to $100 per hour

Venetian plaster installation costs include materials, labor, and size. For example, larger rooms require more time and plaster for installation, so they'll cost more to complete than smaller rooms. 


Application materials for Venetian plaster typically include sandpaper, painting primer, colorant, a topcoat or paste wax, and the Venetian plaster itself. You'll also need a steel trowel or drywall knife and a paintbrush, roller, and paint tray. All of these items should cost you around $60 to $200, depending on their quality, type, and amount. 


Many people hire a professional to apply Venetian plaster to ensure a polished, flawless appearance. Professionals might charge by the hour or square foot. Hourly rates often range from $20 to $100 per hour, while square footage labor costs usually run around $2 to $20 per square foot, depending on the professional's experience and your project's complexity. 

“Take your time and find a plaster pro who not only has deep experience, but has a passion for getting the right look,” Tschudi says. 


The bigger your room, the more you'll pay for Venetian plaster application; large spaces require more materials and time. Venetian plaster applications typically cost around $10 to $25 per square foot.

Cost to Apply Venetian Plaster Yourself

Venetian plaster on the wall
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Applying Venetian plaster yourself will save you money in labor costs since you won't need to hire a pro. Instead, you'll only need to pay for the cost of the materials, which usually range from around $60 to $200.

Cost to Apply Venetian Plaster Yourself vs. Hiring a Pro

While applying Venetian plaster yourself can save you about $2 to $20 per square foot in labor costs, it's a tricky project to get right. A less-than-professional application can result in an unpolished appearance, so we only recommend this project for people with some plaster application experience under their belt. Otherwise, it's probably your best bet to hire a local painting company to tackle it for you.

Venetian Plaster Questions and Answers

Does Venetian plaster increase my home's value? 

Whether or not Venetian plaster walls increase your home's value really depends on the buyer. Since Venetian plaster is purely aesthetic, it doesn't add structural value to your home. However, many people love the look Venetian plaster gives to a home, so it might catch the eye of more buyers, potentially increasing your home's value to them. ‘

How long does Venetian plaster last? 

Once dried, Venetian plaster becomes a rock-like substance that does a great job at resisting damage. If properly sealed to resist moisture, Venetian plaster should last for at least a decade but potentially as long as a lifetime

Is Venetian plaster easy to maintain?

Generally, Venetian plaster is very easy to maintain. As long as your plaster is properly sealed, you can safely wipe it down with water and mild soap to remove any scuffs or stains. And if your plaster walls crack or chip, you can often simply patch it, rather than replaster the whole wall, to restore its appearance.

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