Know When to Call In a Professional Trash Hauling Service

Bry'Ana Arvie
Written by Bry'Ana Arvie
Updated November 2, 2021
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Kick junk to the curb with a trash hauling service

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Whether you’re doing a deep declutter or in the middle of a home renovation, there’s one thing you’ll have during both—trash. And while your city’s garbage pick-up can handle the small stuff, you’re still left with everything else. That’s where a trash hauling service shines the most. But when should you actually call them? Below we’ll cover what trash hauling is, when you need it, and what it costs.

What is a Trash Hauling Service?

A trash hauling service is a pretty straightforward concept: a trash removal company offers pick-up options and removes junk from your home. Some of the items they haul away are small and large appliances, old furniture, debris, and yard waste.

Typically, it works by either appointment or same-day service. A team of haulers will come to assess the junk you want to dispose of, and they’ll give you a quote. Depending on the company, they may start removing your items immediately, or you’ll schedule a pick-up.  

Once they have all your items in their truck, they’ll take them away to dispose of them properly.

When Should you Call a Professional Trash Hauling Service?

Not all clean-outs require a trash hauling service. However, there are some projects that benefit from it. Here are a few considerations to keep in mind:


Most homeowners aren’t aware that some of their junk might be hazardous materials like paint, batteries, light bulbs, or items that require proper handling and disposal. If questionable or hazardous materials aren’t disposed of properly, they can pose health and safety risks. Some professional trash haulers have the experience and equipment—like protective gear—necessary to remove potentially problematic types of trash. What materials a trash hauling service will pick-up varies from company to company.


When you’re working on finishing up your renovation project or cleaning up for the next phase, you’ll probably want to get the less exciting tasks— like taking out the trash—completed quickly. But without careful preparation, sharp objects, loose debris, and heavy items can be risky to handle on your own. A professional trash hauling service will assess the situation, and their team can safely remove the waste for you.

You can’t dump your trash just anywhere. There are laws in place for proper waste disposal to protect you, the surrounding community area, and the environment.  

There are designated locations where large loads of trash can go, and trash hauling services know precisely where they’re located. They also understand what junk can legally be thrown away in specific locations and what needs an alternate disposal method. 

Also, it can help you avoid someone getting hurt by the trash you left out on your curb. Trash hauling companies pick up trash from your home, so it's not left unattended for long. And, if a hauler is injured when disposing of your trash, their company has insurance that protects you and them.

Save Money

Hiring a trash hauling company can save you money versus renting an entire dumpster for a few days, which can cost $300 to $600 per week if you have multiple loads to throw. Plus, depending on how big the load is, you might need to get the dumpster emptied—costing you even more money.


Recyclable items require different methods of doing so. Most junk removal companies have a process for recycling, donations, and disposal. If you want to know more about disposal as it relates to your clean-up project, you can contact your local trash hauling service to gather information about their step-by-step process.


Hauling your trash is a chore. And even more so if you’re removing loads of junk from your home due to a DIY project. The last thing many homeowners want when they’re just starting (or finishing) a home renovation is to deal with junk removal. By using a trash hauling service, they’ll take your trash off your hands so you can focus on making your house your dream home. Plus, who doesn’t want to speed up their project timeline?

Heavy Objects

Heavy furniture and appliances aren’t something that you want to try to haul on your own. You can potentially harm yourself by handling an oversized load wrong. And if it’s in good condition, you could damage it, which decreases its chances of being donated. Trash hauling pros have the necessary equipment to get the job done safely and effectively. Depending on their policies, they might even be able to haul it straight out of your home.

How Much Does a Professional Trash Hauling Service Cost?

You can expect to pay $133 to $360 on average for a professional trash hauling service. The cost is dependent on if the company charges per item or truckload, distance from your home to the dumpsite, and equipment required, so the total cost can be much higher—or lower. 

If you’re interested in getting a more customized quote, you can contact your local trash hauling service.

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