I Need Someone Who Will Appraise My Household Items, Haul It and Sell It

Updated December 11, 2020
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Question by Guest_98124005: I am getting ready to list my house and move. I need to get rid/sell a household of furniture and other household items. I am in Columbia, SC and was wondering if there is any company who will come to my house and appraise my items and then transport the items to an auction house or buy them for their second-hand shop?

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Answered by LCD: I am at a loss on why you need the appraisal - that will not affect how much you get for the items, unless you think you have some valuable items in there that should have a reserve price.

Three main options:

1) talk to a few auction companies and check out their physical operation - you will get what the auction market value is minus about 20-40% commission, depending on how much stuff you have. If you have a full house of stuff, they can do an on-site tag sale or auction for you, for a commission. For added cost they commonly have people with some expertise in valuation they can call on to help establish tag prices or reserve prices if auctioned

2) have a personal property appraiser come out and help you price items for a tag or garage sale on site

3) put all the stuff you want to get rid of in one room with nothing else there, then contact a few second hand stores and have them come by and give you a lump sum offer to take it away and take the best offer - make sure contract stipulates date by which it has to be gone

Answered by warsawsteve72: is there any one in my area that does this kissimmee fl

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