Get Inspired With These 10 Ways to Use Slate Blue Paint in Your Home

Audrey Bruno
Written by Audrey Bruno
Updated February 17, 2022
An interior shot of a state blue painted radiator
Photo: Courtesy of Louise McCall

Clear your slate with a fresh coat of paint

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If you’re having trouble picking a paint color, consider slate blue. Also known as repose gray, this hue is famous for its calming, cool tones and ability to make bold shades pop. Reliable and reassuring, it also happens to be a great option for those who might otherwise be nervous about painting with color. And because it encompasses an array of light and dark shades, it’s not hard to find an option that fits your particular needs. 

These 10 slate blue paint ideas from DIYers and designers prove that you can almost never go wrong with such a classic color. From the walls to the furniture, keep reading to find out just a few of the ways you can infuse your home with this tranquil, earth-toned shade.

2. Freshen Up Your Walls

A cozy hideaway with slate blue paint on the wood panelling
Photo: Courtesy of Vernich Interiors

Connie Vernich of Vernich Interiors transforms this loft into a cozy hideaway with some help from slate blue paint and the right complementary colors, like mustard yellow and blue and gray plaid. Slate blue is especially well suited to large areas of wood paneling or walls because of how neutral a backdrop it can be. Bonus: It’s an easy color to conceal, making it ideal for any repainting you may eventually need to do.

2. Transform Old Furniture

An updated slate blue painted nightstand
Photo: Courtesy of Mackenzie Yingst

Updating old furniture with slate blue paint is another great way to bring this shade into your space that doesn’t involve the commitment of painting your walls. With just a bit of sandpaper, some new hardware, and a can of slate blue, Mackenzie Yingst transformed this once-tattered nightstand into a piece that fits seamlessly into almost any space.

3. Update Your Exterior

The exterior of a house painted in slate blue
Photo: Courtesy of Sunny Chei

This home from Sunny Chei of shows that slate blue paint is great for both interior and exterior walls. In addition to being a colorful, yet neutral option that most homeowners associations approve of, it’s also uniquely suited to both warm and cold environments. Cool, blue tones reflect sunlight, keeping the inside fresh when it’s hot out. And dark, gray tones trap heat for cold winter days.

4. Add Tranquility to a Bathroom Space

A slate blue vanity in a modern bathroom
Photo: Courtesy of Chad Mellon

Slate blue paint creates calm and balance in this spa-like escape from designer Brooke Wagner. Here, it both complements and contrasts the marble tiles and dark wood furnishings. But you’ll have success with this shade no matter what the rest of your bathroom looks like. 

5. Enhance a Worn-Out Vanity

 A renovated slate blue vanity
Photo: Courtesy of Devin Allred

Consider updating your vanity if you want to commit to slate blue in your bathroom in a major way. “For me, slate blue was the perfect combination of different, but not too out there,” says Devin Allred of @thedondrivefarm, explaining the inspiration behind this timeless rehaul. 

6. Fill Your Dining Room With Subtle Color

 A wooden dining table and blue slate painted chairs
Photo: Courtesy of @butterfieldgreenhouse

If your dining room chairs have seen their fair share of wear and tear, take a tip from Billie of @butterfieldgreenhouse and repaint them slate blue. Whether your chairs are cottage-core inspired like her’s, or modern and sleek, this color will give them the makeover they deserve without going overboard—perfect for spaces that need just a splash of color. 

7. Give a Facelift to Unexpected Objects

An interior shot of a state blue painted radiator
Photo: Courtesy of Louise McCall

Any part of your home that’s normally an eyesore could probably benefit from a coat of slate blue paint. This refreshed radiator from designer Louise McCall is just one great example of how the classic hue can make unexpected objects shine. In this particular case, though, just be sure to use a heat safe paint option to avoid any potential hazards. 

8. Use Slate Blue to Darken a Den

Α fashionable vintage living room with blue wall
Photo: nicolamargaret / E+ / Getty Images

Just as some shades of slate-blue can lighten a space, others can darken it. It all comes down to your preference, and the atmosphere you’re trying to convey in certain rooms. In a den like this one, where the goal is to be as cozy as possible, a dark slate-blue can be just the color to add the moody tones you’re looking for. 

9. Contrast Bold Colors

Kitchen drawers with vibrant complimentary colors
Photo: Courtesy of Elina Katsioula-Beall

Slate blue is just as great at complementing vibrant colors as it is at creating peaceful environments. Designer Elina Katsioula-Beall uses the color on these bottom drawers to both mellow and spotlight the cherry red upper drawers. But you could also use the hue to balance anything from neon green to hot pink.

10. Bring a Pantry Back to Life

A renovated pantry in blue slate color
Photo: Courtesy of Katie Perri

Take a worn-out pantry from old to new with a can of slate blue paint like designer Katie Perri. The possibilities for what you can pair it with are endless, because this shade looks great with both hardwood and lightwood floors, plant life or no plant life, and so many surprising colors of the rainbow.

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