Season 5 of 'Selling Sunset' Is Here—Here are 7 Wow-Worthy Homes From Past Seasons to Celebrate

Kaitlyn Pacheco
Written by Kaitlyn Pacheco
Updated April 21, 2022
Friends talking in the backyard
Photo: Courtesy of Netflix

Prepare for serious house envy when scrolling through these astonishing homes featured on “Selling Sunset”

Whether you love it or love to hate it, there’s no denying that the smash-hit TV show “Selling Sunset” changed the luxury house-hunting game. Since premiering on Netflix in 2019, the jaw-dropping show and its cast of Louboutin-clad real estate agents have taken audiences into some of the most extravagant homes that Los Angeles has to offer.

In honor of the season five premiere, we’re taking a look back at some of the most drool-worthy homes from the first four seasons in the show’s history. Maybe this season will finally answer the question on everyone’s mind: Will Davina ever sell the infamous $75 million house? 

1. This Backyard Oasis From Season 2

A backyard with a infinity pool
Photo: Courtesy of Netflix

Who needs a vacation when your backyard features an infinity pool, luxurious lounge chairs, and even palm trees? This 20,000-square-foot home was the first property shown in season two of the show, and it set the tone for the rest of the season. Inspired to create a similar style of pool in your backyard? While it’s an expensive addition, you can install an infinity pool with the help of a swimming pool installer in your area.

2. This Home With a Recording Studio From Season 4

A red recording studio
Photo: Courtesy of Netflix

In season four, audiences got an all-access pass inside rapper French Montana’s Calabasas home, which featured a movie room, a wine cellar, and, of course, a decked-out recording studio. The musician said he spent about $350,000 to build out his custom work-from-home space, making it unique to his creative taste. Inspired to recreate this kind of private recording studio in your home? The first step is to soundproof the room, which costs an average of $1,800. 

3. This $75 Million House from Season 2

A luxury house with a swimming pool
Photo: Courtesy of Netflix

On a TV show that exclusively features mega-mansions and out-of-this-world homes, this $75 million home is the one to beat. With nine bedrooms, 12 bathrooms, 15,600 square feet, and two on-property structures, this Los Angeles home has become a social media star in its own right. 

While real estate agent Davina continues to search for the right buyer for this enormous property, you can use its outdoor area as inspiration for your next landscaping redesign. Using the help of a professional landscaper, you can add palms trees and native plants inspired by this stunning backyard. 

4. This Secluded Backyard Paradise from Season 4

A white house with a huge backyard
Photo: Courtesy of Netflix

Put this image at the top of your “modern backyard paradise” inspiration board. This five-bedroom, six-bathroom house was a hot on-market property during season four, thanks to its spacious floor plan and privacy from surrounding neighbors. We love the way the concrete pavers break up the lawn and provide a connection to the poolside patio. To recreate this hardscaping method in your backyard, hire a local paver installer to bring your vision to life.

5. This Dreamy Oceanfront Home from Season 2

A house in front of the ocean
Photo: Courtesy of Netflix

The second season of “Selling Sunset” was full of lavish wedding events—from Christine’s unforgettable red engagement party to Mary’s sweet backyard wedding. Although Mary didn’t end up using this oceanfront Malibu home as her wedding venue, we’re glad that she, Chrishell, and Amanza toured it so that we could take inspiration from this tile balcony and the details of its stone-walls. 

While it’s difficult to replicate that picture-perfect view, you can contact a local ceramic tile installer to discuss your balcony or patio tiling options. 

6. This Modern-Meets-Glam Home from Season 3

A luxury living with marble floor
Photo: Courtesy of Netflix

While many of the Los Angeles homes shown on “Selling Sunset” feature ultra-modern and minimalist designs, this stunning home boasts an old-world glamor. Between the cinched drapery, marble floors, and dazzling chandeliers, this season three home is the perfect balance of modern amenities with classic vintage touches. Interested in hanging a similar type of chandelier in your home? Consult a local light fixture installer to make it happen.

7. This Modern Movie Theater Room from Season 4

A movie theater room
Photo: Courtesy of Netflix

Can you imagine watching movies or football games in this modern home theater? NBA basketball player Thomas Bryant can. Real estate agent Chrishell showed the basketball star several homes throughout season four, but he finally decided on this four-bedroom and four-bathroom house in Mount Olympus, CA. 

This luxe movie room checks off most of the boxes on our home theater checklist, including comfortable seating, a large TV project, and surround sound.