Repurpose Old Windows with These DIY Projects

Scott Barr
Written by Scott Barr
Updated June 15, 2021
salvaged window porch divider
An old window makes a charming DIY porch divider. (Photo by Frank Espich/Angie's List)

Don't throw away old windows when you replace them. Turn salvaged windows into DIY home decor.

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You may wonder, "Is there more I can do with my old windows than trash them?"

Yes, much more!

If you’ve recently replaced your old windows or are about to, wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could do more than toss them into the garbage? There is. Here are just a few ideas on how to repurpose your old windows:

DIY porch divider

For a front porch or a porch below a deck, old windows can make an ideal “wall” or divider. Just hang the frames by some hooks or use chains to link a series of windows together. 

Frame a map

Just a map hanging on the wall. Not so appealing. But if there’s a frame around it, the map becomes quite elegant and even a conversation piece. Old map, old window frame, new beauty. 

Family photo display

Don’t you love this look? A series of your favorite photos become a collection that flow together naturally. Best part about it is you can change out the photos on a regular basis if you like.

Blogger Meg Hemmelgarn breaks down how to create this look on her Green With Decor blog.

reclaimed window picture frame DIY project
Photo courtesy of

Giant print frame

Or, if you have one special photo that captures you as a couple or as a family, using an old window frame can set off that shot like a regular frame can’t.

Blogger Larissa Haynes shows several ways you can salvage windows and incorporate them into your DIY decor on her Prodigal Pieces blog. 

Shadow box table

Why not turn an old window into a shadow box? You can use it to display all kinds of interesting things. 

Or, take it one step further and turn an old window into a shadow box table. Just mount the shadow box frame to the top of an end table and fill it with things that make you smile. 

wreath framed by old window
Photo courtesy of

As you’re probably seeing, there are myriad ideas for using old window frames. A great place to search for more inspiration is on Pinterest and DIY craft blogs. And, of course, you can come up with your own creative ideas to make old windows gleam again. 

Where to look for old windows?

A couple of ideas: Walk your neighborhood and see who is having their windows replaced. Look at flea markets and antique shops. Talk to us or contact a local highly rated window replacement company. We replace thousands of windows a year. Not all of them are the cool-looking really old ones, but a lot of them are. We’d be happy to help you out.

Here’s to you, combining old windows with new ideas to give your home an unforgettable, one-of-a-kind decor. 

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