6 Upcycled Bathroom Vanity Ideas and Uses

C.E. Larusso
Written by C.E. Larusso
Updated January 31, 2022
A wooden vanity with wall scone lights
Photo: PC Photography / iStock / Getty Images

Don’t give away that console table—design with it

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Something old can indeed become new again. Transform the vintage dresser that’s hiding in your garage into a one-of-a-kind bathroom vanity with the addition of a countertop, backsplash, paint, and mirrors. If you want to waste less and install a conversation starter, read on and get inspired by six stunning, upcycled vanities to help you prepare for your bathroom remodel.

1. An Old Pine Table Transforms Into a Double Sink Vanity

Photo: Julia Chasman Design

Designer Julia Chasman took a charming pine table that was just the right size for a luxurious double vanity and transformed it into one. To accentuate the charm of this unique piece, Chasman designed the entire bathroom in a vintage style and replaced the bathtub’s subway tile and trim for a fresh look. Chasman also added a lower shelf to the DIY vanity, which can be used as an area to store towels or other bathroom necessities.

2. Paint (or Stencil) an Eye-Catching Design

Photo: Nicole Garza Spurlock

Nicole Garza Spurlock of Hacienda Design was inspired to use an upcycled vanity after a friend offered some advice about building a brand-new home. "She said make sure you add some special, vintage, or antique touches," Spurlock says. "Otherwise, all new, 'builder' everything can feel stale and uninviting." 

For this piece, she used a painted antique chest and installed a sleek vessel sink on top (with the help of some local plumbers) for an original look. If you prefer not to paint within the lines, look for stencils to help with painting your vanity.

3. Look for Unique Patterns and Shapes 

Photo: Eclectic Renovations and Revamps

Rachel Dillon of Eclectic Renovations and Revamps saw an opportunity with this stunning piece, but it needed some special work. She had to cut the feet a smidge so that her kids could reach the sink. Since she wanted stone in her bathroom, she had the top counter cut with an edge of extra backsplash for a more dramatic effect. The minimalist lighting fixtures added above the bathroom vanity echo the circular patterns in the wood. 

4. Small but Mighty

 A restored drawer used as a bathroom vanity
Photo: Andreas von Einsiedel / Corbis Documentary / Getty Images

A vintage piece is a great way to make the most of a cozy space. This small console table looks fantastic as a DIY bathroom vanity with the stone top set amongst the Bohemian decor. It’s a simple solution that makes use of a piece of furniture you might not have a use for elsewhere in the house. 

Since bathroom vanity installation costs about $300 to $3,800, you may be able to save on your remodeling costs by upcycling and DIYing the vanity installation. Don’t hesitate to call a local plumber, though, if you need help connecting the water supply and securing the p-trap. 

5. A Media Cabinet Gets a Colorful Makeover

A wooden vanity with blue and white tiles
Photo: arbalest / Adobe Stock

This former media console got a bathroom vanity makeover with colorful ceramic tiling to offset the wood and match the blue-striped sinks. In its new life as a unique bathroom vanity, it offers a tremendous amount of storage and is perfect for those who crave a symmetrical look in their bathroom.

6. Because One Mirror is Never Enough

A vintage vanity with three mirrors
Photo: Iriana Shiyan / Adobe Stock

Instead of installing a separate mirror above the vanity unit, these homeowners grabbed a matching vintage vanity top with not one but three mirrors. The extra mirrors help make the room seem larger and ensure you don’t miss a spot while shaving or putting on makeup. The marbled green countertop adds texture and an air of luxury to an otherwise simple bathroom.

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