How Many Linear Feet of Gutter Would be Required for a 2900 sq. ft House?

Updated November 16, 2020
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Question by Guest_9601516: Want to replace gutters with some type of gutter guard. I have a 2 story house that approx 2900 sq. feet. I am trying to get a feel for how much it will take in linear feet and estimated cost?

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Answered by LCD: You can find typical cost info in prior questions in the Home > Gutters link right under your question.

As for dimensions - tape a tape measure and measure your length of each section of your roof needing gutters, including the roof gable overhang beyond the house corner. Typically all the "bottom edges" of your roof, including porches if desired or if they would drop water near the foundation as opposed to far away like a long farm type or shed type porch roof.

Then measure downspout lengths too - typically about 14LF for first floor plus about 10-12 additional feet for each story above that, per downspout - so your second-story roof downspouots would likely be about 24-26 feet long, including bends to reach back to house corner and runout at the bottom. Best practice is to have a downspout on each end of each roof edge except for porch roofs less than 10 feet long where a second downspout would be hanging down in free air rather than along the edge of the house or a support post.

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