Professional Christmas Light Installation Is the Ultimate Holiday Hack—Here’s What to Know

Alison Kasch
Written by Alison Kasch
Updated August 23, 2022
Exterior of a house decorated with Christmas lights
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  • Professional light installers save time and stress during the holidays.

  • Hiring a pro can help ensure your safety during holiday decorating.

  • You can hire a holiday light installer, decorator, handyperson, or landscaping company.

  • Most holiday light installations cost between $220 and $650.

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Professional Christmas light installation can save you a lot of time and energy—both precious commodities during the holiday season. And while decking the halls might be a time-honored tradition, hiring an expert is often safer and more efficient. Read on to learn who to hire to install your Christmas lights, why it's a good idea, whether to tip them, and more.

7 Benefits of Hiring a Professional Christmas Light Installer

While there are a few pros you can choose from for this job, hiring a local Christmas light installer is likely your best bet. These pros will ensure you have an experienced professional forming your design, securing lights to your home and landscaping, and verifying necessary electrical components. Here are the main advantages of hiring a Christmas light installer to put up your holiday lights.

1. Saves You Time

Making your creative Christmas decoration ideas come to life can take several hours. If you're busy preparing for holiday parties or simply prefer to use your Saturday another way, a pro can be a huge time-saver. They usually include maintenance in their package, so if a bulb or strand goes out mid-season, you won’t need to take time to fix it.

2. Reduces Stress

Instead of wrestling with tangled lights, deciding on your design, or braving the cold, a professional handles it all for you. There'll be no classic Christmas movie-style mishaps here.

3. Creates a Stunning Presentation

With clean, crisp lines and a meticulously installed display, your Christmas decorations will wow your whole neighborhood. No need for you to be out there stressing over measurements and asking family members whether the strings look even. 

4. Allows for Custom Designs

You can work with your installer to make creative visions come to life. Pros design a light arrangement specific to your house features, including your landscaping, architecture, and fencing. They can also install a different display each year, offering you versatility.

5. Provides Better-Quality Lights

Professionals often use commercial-grade LED lights, though some may be open to using lights you already have. A pro also ensures the bulbs are the correct wattage and sets a timer, so your lights turn on and off appropriately.

6. Can Make Things Safer

Christmas light installers have experience climbing ladders and working on roofs, saving you from possible injury. Many professionals are bonded and insured (though you should always check with them before hiring), giving you and them peace of mind. Not only that, pros assess your electrical system to ensure your lights match your home's capabilities.

7. Includes Takedown and Storage

Pros come back after the holiday season to take down your lights and store them, so there's no need to find space in your shed, garage, or basement for boxes of holiday lights. Get quotes from at least three Christmas light installers to find the right contractor for you and learn how much hanging Christmas lights on your unique home will cost. Be sure to inform your contractor about any requirements or regulations established by an HOA or neighborhood organization.

How Much Does It Cost for Professional Christmas Light Installation?

Professional holiday light installation typically costs between $220 and $650, but that can vary based on the display and labor rates in your area. Professional contractors usually charge between $1.25 and $3 per linear foot, not including the cost of the lights.

How to Find a Professional Christmas Light Installation Company

You can hire a local holiday decorator to put up your Christmas lights, as most decorators cover indoor and outdoor decorations. Some interior designers and decorators may not do outdoor lights, though, so be sure to check when you book an initial consultation. Along with that, a handyperson can help you hang your lights as well. Ask your family and neighbors for recommendations or check out local reviews—you’re sure to find a professional who can help you create a brilliant display. 

Can I DIY Hanging Christmas Lights?

Yes, you can hang Christmas lights yourself, especially if you have low rooflines, and choose a simple design. But there is a risk of injury when dealing with electricity and climbing ladders, and you should never walk on your roof, especially if it’s icy or snowy. You’ll also need certain tools and supplies to hang holiday lights, such as a ladder, extension ladder, measuring tape, light clips, zip ties, extension cords, and timers.

If you decide to decorate for the holidays yourself, be sure you hang your holiday lights safely to avoid injury and electrical issues. Ask a neighbor, partner, friend, or family member for help. Even Santa needs his elves.

Can I Hire a Landscaping Company to Hang Christmas Lights?

Professional on crane installing Christmas lights on house roof
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Yes, you can hire a landscaping company to hang your outdoor Christmas lights, as many landscapers offer snow removal and Christmas light services in the colder months. Check with local landscaping companies to see if they install holiday lights and to find out more about their pricing. While they’re at your home, you may be able to bundle in other services such as winterizing your garden or cleaning up leaves. 

Other contractors who might offer outdoor Christmas light installation:

These pros often do double duty as professional holiday decorators during the season since they already have the equipment and expertise to hang holiday lights. If you’re booking them for another service before Christmas, see if they have time to tack on this job too.

How Do Professional Christmas Light Installers Put Up Lights?

Most professional Christmas light installers follow a similar process to ensure you're satisfied. These include:

  • Offering complimentary consultation at your home to discuss your needs and desires.

  • Reviewing design plans and prices with you before signing a contract.

  • Installing your Christmas lights (with or without you there).

  • Providing Christmas light maintenance and repair throughout the holiday season.

  • Taking down your Christmas lights after the season ends.

  • Storing your lights for next year.

Do You Tip Christmas Light Installers?

You can tip your Christmas light installers 10% to 20% of the project price, but installers don’t expect a tip, though it’s always appreciated. After all, hiring someone to put up your Christmas lights frees up more of your time to make this holiday even more magical.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to hang up Christmas lights?

The amount of time it takes to hang up Christmas lights varies widely based on the intricacy of the display and the size of your home. That being said, most holiday light installation jobs take between one to four hours for an average-sized home.

How much does it cost to install permanent Christmas lights?

Permanent lights can save you big in labor costs down the line, as you’ll only need to invest in installing them once. As with regular lights, costs vary based on the display and the size of your home. Costs are similar to hanging regular lights, typically falling between $220 and $650. 

How much does it cost to have your house decorated for Christmas?

The cost to have your house decorated for Christmas depends on the extent of your holiday vision. Interior decorators charge between $50 and $150 per hour on average, so if your decorations are minimal, you could pay as little as $200 for a couple of hours of decorating. Interior decorators might also bill $5 to $12 per square foot, or a flat rate of $500 to $1,300 per room. Contact a local interior decorator for a specific quote.

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