Why You Should Hire a Handyperson To Hang Holiday Lights and Decorations

Nick P. Cellucci
Written by Nick P. Cellucci
Updated December 13, 2021
Handyman hanging Christmas lights
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  • Hanging your own holiday lights can be dangerous and time-consuming

  • A handyperson can help you prevent injury and electrical hazards

  • A pro can provide higher-grade lighting products and designs

  • Professional light hanging costs $218 to $649, with an average price of $413

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While many people choose to brighten up their homes with outdoor lights during the holiday season, not everyone enjoys the actual light-hanging process. Some aspects of holiday home decorating can be time-consuming and even dangerous. That’s why many homeowners choose to leave the task to an experienced professional handyperson.

Use our guide to learn the benefits of hiring a handyperson to deck your halls, plus how to find a local professional to get your home holiday-ready.

The Benefits of Hiring a Handyperson to Hang Holiday Lights

While hanging your own holiday lights may save money, you might find that the following benefits make the extra cost of hiring someone to put up your lights worthwhile.

Personal and Home Safety

Any job that involves climbing onto the roof is inherently dangerous. In 2019, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission reported that emergency rooms treated about 14,800 people for a holiday decorating-related injury that year. That’s an average of 160 injuries per day, almost half of which involved falls.

If your project involves stringing lights in high or hard-to-reach places, it may be best to leave the job to a pro. Your handyperson will come fully equipped with sturdy ladders, harnesses, and other safety equipment to help them safely reach the heights needed to place your decorations. 

Electrical hazards also pose a risk, especially if you plan on plugging in various lights and decorations. A handyperson experienced in electrical work can ensure that your circuits are not overloaded and that your electrical currents are properly grounded. Your wiring should be able to safely withstand snow and rain without putting you or your home in danger.

Save Time and Reduce Stress

Aside from the potential safety risks, the time and effort required is enough to prevent some homeowners from getting their holiday lights out. Not to mention that this project takes place during what’s typically the coldest months of the year. Hiring a handyperson to hang your holiday lights takes away the stress and ensures that the job gets done safely and in a timely fashion. Additionally, you can hire your pro to return at the end of the holiday season to take down and store your outdoor lights. 

Professional-Grade Designs and Products

If you have an elaborate light design in mind but lack the skills to pull it off, a professional handyperson can be the key to bringing your vision to life. Whether you want perfectly level lights along your eaves, a lighted pathway, tree lighting, curbside displays, or a specific theme, a professional will know how to maximize your space and make it happen.

A handyperson can also provide you with access to professional-grade lighting products that you won’t find in your local department or hardware stores. These products have a safety certification and are specifically designed to withstand the elements. You may even be able to get a discount if you purchase through your handyperson.

Mid-Season Maintenance

If you experience a blown-out bulb, a fallen reindeer, or a rogue string of lights that blows in the wind, the last thing you want to do is troubleshoot the issue on your own. The handyperson should be able to return to perform maintenance throughout the holiday season, which can help maintain the safety of your installation.

How to Hire a Handyperson to Hang Holiday Lights

If hiring a professional to install your holiday lights is the right move for you, here are some tips to help you find a quality handyperson near you this holiday season.

  • Research each company. You can typically review online ratings and customer testimonials to learn more about the handyperson’s work. Learn the insurance requirements for a handyperson in your area and ask potential pros whether they are fully covered for general liability and worker’s compensation.

  • Ensure the use of quality lights. Ask the pro whether their light strands are UL listed, which is the standard safety certification for holiday lighting. You can also opt to purchase your own lights.

  • Check their previous work. An experienced contractor should be able to show you reference photos and examples of homes they’ve worked on, which will help set the expectations for your project.

  • Don’t pay the full cost upfront. While many light installers will ask for a down payment, it should not exceed more than half of the total fee.

  • Ask about their full range of services. In addition to the holiday lighting design, you should also inquire about the handyperson’s pricing and policies for mid-season troubleshooting and other post-installation issues.

Is It Worth the Cost to Hire a Handyperson to Hang Holiday Lights?

Hanging Christmas lights on gutter edge
Photo: Lost_in_the_Midwest / Adobe Stock

Depending on where you live and the extent of your project, the cost for professional holiday light hanging can range from $220 to $650, with an average price of $415. While you can avoid that cost by hanging the lights yourself, keep in mind the safety and time-saving benefits that a professional installation offers.

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