Is the Gutter RX system Worthwhile?

Updated December 11, 2020
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Question by Guest_90715761: We have a large oak tree in front of the house which clogs up the gutters. Is the Gutter RX system a good idea or is cleaning them 3 times a year the only solution?

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Answered by jccasper: Go to to see real life tests of gutter covers vs oak tassels. Rx is an okay cover in my opinion for about $6 a foot installed. It is a shelf and will build up debris on it and water will definitely over run it. We have had a clone made by Alcoa available for over 30 years at my old company.

I have been a Gutter Topper multi million $ franchiser, a LeafFilter dealer and for last 7 years installed hundreds of MasterShield gutter filters in Nebr & Iowa ever year. The factory warranty says if gutter clogs current homeowner gets a full refund. (Ps I give back anything I made as well). I have never had a refund requested. Controling valleys is done with several products.

I suggest you go to my website for more info.

Jim Casper BBB Integrity Award Winner and Angie's List Super Service Award

ps as the profesional naysers will tell you. "you can clean them if you want".

Source: www.heartlandmastershield,com

Answered by LCD: Here is a link to the warranty -

Note that the warranty is only against blockage of the GUTTER or downspouts themselves due to debris - that YOU are responsible for cleaning the COVER to remove debris - and that will certainly plug up faster than the gutters themselves do now because of the much shallower depth - so instead of 3 times a year cleaning I would say you will now be looking at maybe 5-6 times a year !

Also, with oak leaves and the - what is it called - the "hair" from when the acorns are forming - are among the worst things (along with evergreen needles) at plugging up gutter covers with perforations, so I would not count on it working worth a darn, myself.

The fundamental with all gutter covers is that they trap the debris and become a worse problem themselves, especially as with normal gutter installation they end up putting wet debris in direct contact with the roof/rafters/fascia, and also commonly overflow causing fascia and rafter rot. Pretty much all types of gutter covers also promote backup and glaciering by freezing over during icing conditions, causing more frequent roof damage from ice damming.

Those that are pitched so prevent accumulation or backflow like that end up dumping water off the front when they get clogged, so functional negate the gutter and promote foundation water issues. Basically, short of an "active" gutter cleaning system like hosing or leafblowing it out or using a mechanical or water blasting gutter cleaner periodically, there is nothing you can do about it short of getting rid of the contributing trees.

My recommendation - no covers, tilt the gutters mountings slightly forward so if they overflow it does not saturate the fascia and rafter tails, and clean out as necessary with leafblower, by hand, with hose, or build/buy a gutter gooseneck flushing pipe to reach up to about 15 feet from the ground reasonably - though that method can end up with some splash getting onto you.

Answered by Smlssgttrsbydesign: Absolutely the best I have found to fight against pine needles and oak shedding. My company has put test pieces in multiple customer gutters wih the many different types of gutters and we have found that gutter RX is your all around option.

It allows for the most water to flow and the most functional protection where other products are gravity fed or require a certain amount of time or need to be fully saturated before allowing water to flow I.e micro mesh.

gutter Rx is technically a shelf but is installed at an angle up against the drip edge which allows for wind to blow the debris off. when the pine needles build up on the rx it has a crimped form which allows for water to still flow at a productive rate until nature takes its coarse and blows the needles off.

keep in mind, with all solutions there will be pros and cons and Gutter RX is the product that I have found the most success with pine needles and oak shedding. I have a life time garauntee With them and if they fail I personally will come out and clean them.

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