Furnace Repair: Know Who to Call to Get the Job Done

Becca Stokes
Written by Becca Stokes
Updated November 9, 2021
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An HVAC professional can help make your furnace as good as new

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While many projects around the home are perfect for the plucky DIYer, repairing your furnace is not one of them. Who you gonna call? A furnace repair professional in your area! Let’s break down why furnace repair is a job best left to these pros.

Benefits of Hiring an HVAC Pro to Repair Your Furnace

There are two reasons why hiring an HVAC professional to repair your furnace is the right call to make.


When you hire an HVAC professional to come and repair your furnace, you’re hiring someone who is an expert in that job. They will be able to fix the damage to your furnace fast and help give you tips for making sure your furnace works optimally for as long as it can.


If you tackle a job like repairing your furnace yourself, you might think it would save you cash, but very often, that’s not the case. An HVAC professional will save you money on repairs that may have to be made to make up for your novice efforts, however well-intentioned. The average cost to repair a furnace is around $300.

Can I DIY Furnace Repair?

Because your furnace is such an essential component of your home, it’s smarter to hire an HVAC professional than it is to tackle this project by yourself.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t perform simple maintenance to your furnace to help it run well and to reduce the need for repairs in the future. Here are some maintenance tasks that it’s safe and helpful for homeowners to tackle the DIY way.

  • Replacing furnace filters

  • Flush drain lines

  • Keep exhaust flues clear

  • Check for blocked or leaky air ducts

  • Clear leaves from exhaust and intake vent

  • Vacuum the burners

Can I Hire Another Pro to Repair a Furnace?

While general contractors can tackle this job, you are better off hiring someone with years of furnace repair experience. That kind of expertise only comes from an HVAC professional. If you decide to hire someone else who isn’t as qualified but who quoted you a lower price, you’re running the risk of them causing more harm than good.

How Do HVAC Pros Repair Furnaces?

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When the HVAC pro that you have hired comes to your home to tackle your furnace repair, they will likely do a complete systems check of your HVAC systems to help identify the problem and rule out others. With this done, they will set to work repairing your furnace.

The repairs they will make depend on the issue with your furnace. If your furnace isn’t igniting, they may need to replace the ignition components. If there is a leaky duct, they will identify it and repair it. Make sure your pro gives you a detailed breakdown of the problem they have identified and how they will set about fixing it.

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