Enhancing Your Home with Custom Window Designs

Stephanie Vanderbilt
Updated August 12, 2016
Home exterior with unique windows
Adding speciality windows will complement your home's architecture and offer unique touches. (Photo by Frank Espich)

Everyone knows that an exterior upgrade can dramatically enhance your home's curb appeal.

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When it comes to improving your exterior with new replacement windows, homeowners have a seemingly endless amount of styles and combinations to choose from. By combining creativity with custom window designs, you can easily achieve a look that’s entirely unique to your home. Below are some inspirational window design ideas to take your exterior to the next level.

Maximize views and ventilation with awning and picture windows

When you want to maximize your view of the outdoors and increase ventilation, awning windows with picture windows are the perfect combination. This option will increase the amount of airflow through the home and keep your home more comfortable during the hottest summer days.

Replace a patio door with floor-to-ceiling picture windows

Floor-to-ceiling picture windows will add both drama and character to a home. This is an innovative window design choice if you’re looking to get rid of an old patio door, which adds an unexpected twist to a room. Even if you aren’t parting ways with a patio door, floor-to-ceiling picture windows can make your home feel more extravagant.

Top off a casement window with a circle-top window

A circle-top window is a specially shaped window that looks like half of a circle on its side. Casement windows are excellent for increasing ventilation in the home, but adding a circle top window can maximize views and bring more sunlight into your home.

Transom windows complement entry doors

Transom windows are windows that are set above the transom of a door or a larger window. While an entry door can make a statement on its own, a transom window can take its design to the next level. This is especially the case when you add interesting design elements to the transom window, such as grids or decorative glass options.

Classic combination: picture window with double hung windows

Pairing picture windows with double hung windows is a classic combination. There’s no denying that both double hung windows and picture windows are a staple in most American homes. Homeowners can choose to have double hung windows flank a large picture window, which will make your home look traditional and elegant.

Make a statement with specialty shaped windows

Specialty shaped windows makes a big statement as a standalone, or by combining with other classic window shapes. There are numerous specialty shaped and feature window styles to choose from, including:

  • Full circle

  • Circle top

  • Quarter circle

  • Octagon

  • Pentagon

  • Hexagon

  • Trapezoid

  • Eyebrow

  • Triangle

  • Rectangle

Specialty shape windows add interest and charm to nearly any area in your home. Consider adding trapezoid windows to dark corners, octagon windows along your staircase, or an eyebrow window for extra architectural flair.

What is your favorite window design?

We’d love to hear your feedback on your favorite custom window design, shape, or style. If you’ve recently upgraded your home with unique window designs, or you’re simply looking for inspiration, comment below. 

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