Is It Okay to Replace Windows in the Winter?

Bry'Ana Arvie
Written by Bry'Ana Arvie
Updated June 14, 2022
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  • Replacing windows in the winter is convenient and saves money.

  • You’ll enjoy a warmer house and lower energy bills.

  • Ask your pro what they do to minimize cold air during installation.

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If you live in a drafty house, you’ll feel it on a cold winter’s day. Replacing leaky windows will definitely make you more comfortable, but most homeowners assume they have to wait until the spring to tackle this project. Turns out, replacing your windows in the winter is not only possible, it’s often a really smart strategy. Here’s what you need to know. 

Can You Replace Windows in the Winter?

While some home renovation projects are a big no-no during the cold winter months, replacing your windows isn’t one of them. You might be surprised to learn that it’s a time- and money-saver to start a window replacement project during this season.

Reasons Why You Should Replace Your Windows in the Winter

Since we’ve already established that you can replace your windows in the winter, let’s discuss some of the benefits of doing so.

Flexible Scheduling

Most homeowners replace their windows in spring and fall, so your local window pro will be busiest during these times. But with fewer customers booking this project in the colder months, you’ll practically have an all-access pass to your pro’s schedule, allowing you to book when it’s most convenient for you. 

Deeper Discounts

Since fewer people schedule window replacement projects in the winter, you’re more likely to score discounts and deals from contractors and suppliers to make up for the slower months. And who doesn’t love to save money on an important project?

Energy-Saving Benefits

Most homeowners need to replace their windows because they’re old or damaged, resulting in heat loss. And the harder your HVAC system has to work to keep your home warm, the more money it costs you. By replacing your windows during the winter, you won’t go through the entire season with leaky windows and high energy bills.   

Prevents Bigger Maintenance Problems

Replacing your windows isn’t something you should put off. Besides higher energy costs, drafty windows can cause mold and mildew to grow on or around your windows. If not addressed quickly, this can spread to your window frames and cause structural damage that will cost extra to repair.

Pro Tips For Replacing Your Windows in the Winter

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Replacing your windows in the winter doesn’t have to be uncomfortable. But your pro will need to use slightly different techniques in the winter versus a summertime installation, which we’ll discuss below. 

Remove One Window at a Time

Most homeowners don’t replace their windows in the winter because they don’t want to freeze in their homes. It’s worth noting that while it can get a little cold when replacing your windows, you won’t feel like you’re in a meat freezer. One way to ensure this is to look for a local window replacement pro who will work on one window at a time.

Keep Doors Closed

Another installation method you’ll want your pro to use is to keep the door of the room they’re working in closed. Isolating the workspace will help keep frigid air from traveling through the house.

Use Plastic Floor-to-Ceiling Barriers

If you have an open concept home or multiple or large windows in one area, ask your pro if they’ll use plastic floor-to-ceiling barriers. These barriers will help contain cold air so only a portion of your house gets chilly.

Avoid Tracking Mud and Snow Through the House

While your pro can’t control the weather, they can limit how much mud and slush ends up on your floors. Talk to them about how they’ll keep your home clean during installation, including using a drop cloth and shoe covers.

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