Creative Ways to Add Color to Your Home

Jordan Hurd
Written by Jordan Hurd
Updated July 8, 2016
vintage spools with colorful yarn on table with green plant
Look for vintage spools at thrift stores or on online auction sites. (Photo courtesy of Jordan Hurd/The 2 Seasons)

We dress many of the rooms in our homes in safe, neutral colors.

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The walls, furniture and rugs are gray or beige, and are pleading for color. It’s so easy to toss a few colorful pillows on the main pieces of furniture and call it a day, but there are many creative ways to add color and personality without breaking the bank. Color outside the lines with some of these creative ideas.

Add some vintage flair

Use vintage spools wrapped with colorful thread to add color to a room in a unique way. They look adorable just bundled up in a bowl, but they also look great when lined up like soldiers along a shelf. As a bonus, they add some texture to your space. 

Floor your guests with colorful rugs

red rug on hardwood floor
Rugs add great color and texture to a room. (Photo by Frank Espich)

An old kilim or Persian rug really makes a statement in a room. If you aren’t interested in buying a used rug, buy a new rug that can stand up to dogs and kids while filling your room with the color it craves.

Round up some color

Add a fun pop of color by placing a collection of bocce balls, vintage croquet balls or old billiard balls in an interesting bowl. Put them on the table along with a green plant or bouquet of flowers and a stack of colorful books to create an interesting conversation piece.

Light up your world

lamp with yellow lampshade
A new lampshade gives an old lamp new life. (Photo courtesy of Jordan Hurd/The 2 Seasons)

Switch out a plain white lampshade for a colorful one. Create another vignette by setting a vase of glass marbles, sea glass, or Japanese fishing floats beside it. 

Create contemporary art

A popular trend and great idea for adding color is to use contemporary art in a traditional setting. The nice thing about contemporary or modern art is that you don’t have to be an artist or loaded with money to own some. Just buy acrylic or watercolor paints in the colors you would like to use in your room, and start painting swirls, lines or designs on a canvas. First, prepare the canvas by painting the background one single color that you want to have in your room. This step prevents a plain white canvas from peaking through. 

If you’re still at a loss about adding color to your home, pay attention to the rooms you like in magazines and on blogs and study the elements that make the rooms appeal to you. Then replicate them in your own homes. Relax, and have fun with it.

Do you have any creative ideas for adding color to a room? Share them in the comments section below. 

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