13 Functional Closet Door Ideas for Every Space & Style

Kristin Salaky
Written by Kristin Salaky
Updated November 12, 2021
A woman browsing her closet for an outfit
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Closet door ideas for everything from saving space to stylish statements

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Closet doors serve two purposes—functionality and style. Without one, the inside of your closet is exposed (no matter what condition it’s in). What’s more, the right closet door can add a touch of style and design to a room. To help you narrow down your choices or update what you already have in your home, check out this list of traditional and alternative closet door ideas.

Traditional Closet Door Ideas

Depending on your closet design and budget, a traditional-style closet door may be the best option in terms of functionality. If that’s the case, don’t worry—traditional closet doors don’t always have to be basic and boring. Add your own touch in terms of stains, colors, and hardware to really showcase your taste. 

1. Bifold Doors

A bedroom closet with white bifolding doors

Bifold doors are one of the most common and traditional styles of closet doors because they are affordable, customizable, and low maintenance. Make this common closet choice feel custom by painting or staining the doors and finish the look by adding new hardware. For a simple and quick update, replace only the hardware.

2. Hinged Door

A walk-in closet with a hinged door
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A hinged door is a popular closet door choice because it can match the rest of the interior doors in your home and keep the style cohesive. If cohesion isn’t your goal, hinged doors are also customizable—choose the hardware and paint or stain to create a point of interest in your room.

3. Sliding Doors

Built-in closet with sliding doors
Dariusz Jarzabek - stock.adobe.com

Sliding closet doors come in a variety of options, including solid wood, mirrored, and glass, to name a few. Perfect for smaller spaces, one sliding door tucks behind the other when one door is open. Additionally, these doors are set on a solid track, making movement effortless no matter what type of flooring you have. 

4. Barn Doors

Rustic sliding barn doors leading to a closet
Steven - stock.adobe.com

Is “farmhouse” not your style? Don’t let the term “barn” keep you from choosing this door idea for your closet. The term “barn door” simply refers to its suspended track-style construction. This option is versatile and fits in well with almost any decor type. 

5. French Doors

A set of French doors in a large white room
nedashkivskaphoto - stock.adobe.com

Is there anything more classic than a pair of French doors? This is a timeless option for a closet, especially if you prefer a sophisticated interior design style. 

Keep in mind that French doors usually have paneled windows in the center, exposing the inside of your closet. But don't let that stop you for diving in if you're heart is set on them! Simply install fitted shades or curtains you can use when your closet is feeling chaotic. 

6. Glass Doors

A modern closet with glass doors
Pavel Losevsky - stock.adobe.com

Glass doors can make a closet feel more like a beautiful accent, rather than a simple partition. Love the look of glass closet doors, but not thrilled at the idea of your closet always being on display? Opt for frosted or textured glass like the closet above or install a shade or curtain on the inside of the door.

7. Louvered Doors

A wardrobe closet with louvered doors
Cees - stock.adobe.com

Another classic and versatile closet door design is louvered doors. Easily recognized by the horizontal slats on the door that look like shutters, louvered doors add texture to a room and provide circulation throughout the closet while still concealing your belongings. This door comes in different styles—bifold, hinged, and more—and is a timeless choice for your home’s design. Add custom squared handles to make this classic look feel more modern. 

8. Pocket Doors

A bedroom with a pair of pocket doors
Wollworth Imagery - stock.adobe.com

Whether you have a small space or just appreciate efficient and detailed design, pocket doors are next-level sliding doors. This pair of white doors mimic the look of hinged doors in the rest of the home, but retreat into the wall and make for a truly sophisticated space.

9. Mirrored Doors

A bedroom with a set of sliding mirror closet doors
New Africs - stock.adobe.com

Use mirrored closet doors to create the illusion of more space, making them the perfect option for smaller rooms. By reflecting light, mirrored doors make your room brighter and feel larger. This door style makes a lot of sense in bedrooms because the mirrors are already perfectly placed to get ready for the day. 

10. Accordion Door

A modern apartment with a glass accordion door
Victor zastol'skiy - stock.adobe.com

If you’re looking for something with the functionality of a sliding door and the dimension of a louvered door—an accordion door may be the perfect choice for your room. Use floor-to-ceiling reflective doors for a closet that is more of a stylish accent wall that makes your space look larger and modern.

Alternative Closet Door Ideas

Not all living situations allow you to customize your closet doors. These alternative solutions work great in apartments, rentals, and dorms no matter your budget. 

11. Curtains

A bedroom with a curtain closet door
Max Vakhtbovych - Pexels.com

Curtains are a simple and affordable closet door solution. All you need is a tension rod and curtains to match your style and compliment your decor. Use floor-to-ceiling curtains in a charcoal gray to bring warmth and texture to your space. 

12. Privacy Screens & Room Dividers

A stylish bedroom with a closet divider
New Africa - stock.adobe.com

No closet? No problem! Use a privacy screen or room divider to create a closet that feels like an upscale dressing room. Simply place a clothing rack behind your divider for a private place to change and to keep your clothes out of sight.  

13. Macrame Curtain

A handmade macrame curtain
yvadt - stock.adobe.com

If boho decor is your preferred style, macrame is a great solution for a curtained closet door. Braid your own custom macrame or find pre-made curtains at a local craft store or an online artisan shop.  

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