What’s the Best Color to Paint a Closet?

Megan DeMatteo
Written by Megan DeMatteo
Updated January 11, 2022
Open closet with shelving and drawers
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Choose these paint colors to give your closet a refreshing upgrade

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Painting your closet interiors can make your home seem more polished without spending thousands on a custom closet or throwing your living space into disarray with a complete renovation. Though subtle, adding a fresh new coat of paint to your closet walls can also make your wardrobe feel new and improved.

Whether you opt for warm beiges or cool neutrals, the right paint color for your closet can be a visually appealing background to your clothing and accessories. Choosing the right finish—whether that’s a gloss, semi-gloss, or satin—can also add a touch of practicality by making the surfaces of your walls easier to clean.

Here are a few tips to help you plan so you can complete this easy closet makeover project during your next free weekend home.

The Best Paint Colors for Closet Walls

If you’re wondering what type of paint is best for inside closets, start by looking at your wardrobe. The best closet paint colors will contrast nicely with the look and feel of your clothes. You don’t want the walls to match too closely. For instance, if you wear gray tones, opt for a pop of soft white.

However, some homeowners want their walls to be more than just a backdrop. If you’re trying to achieve a Kardashian-esque closet, embellishing closet walls with vibrant jewel tones or rich, earthy hues can do wonders to make it feel luxe. 

When choosing the best paint for inside closets, consider the following hues and color palettes.


Don’t limit pastels to the nursery. With the return of retro-inspired designs, chalky hues have been revamped and reimagined in fun, tasteful ways. When applied in a satin or semi-gloss finish, pastel blues, greens, yellows, and pinks can evoke a timeless vibe (much like cotton candy) that still gives off a sense of stylish sophistication. Think sunny Palm Springs meets couture ice cream trucks. Or candy necklaces meet designer footwear.

Earth Tones

Painting the walls and ceiling of your closet in rusty earth tones like camel, taupe, and mustard will give any bedroom an instant boho-chic feel. Painting the door in addition to the walls might also make your closet feel like a cozy book nook.

Jewel Tones

Nothing will make you feel royal like keeping your wardrobe in an emerald or ruby closet. While they’re dark, jewel-toned paints can have a widening effect on your closet, making it appear larger and deeper, almost like a magical cave. 

black and white plant wallpaper in closet
Les Hirondelles Photography/ Getty Images

Wallpaper Accent Wall

Jump on the trend and install permanent or easy-peel wallpaper on an accent wall in your closet. Try bold wallpaper when you have a prominent wall that you want to attract the eye to. Add embellishments to create a central focal point, such as a mirror or a shelf.


Paint the walls, ceiling, and even door with cool, contrasting whites to make all of your clothing items pop. Having a crisp, white background will make your clothes appear more visible and help you feel like you have a more organized closet.


Don’t settle for the drab, construction-paint-job gray that comes standard on cookie-cutter houses today. Pick a polished gray with a semi-gloss finish to make your closet look posher and more put together.

What Type of Paint is Best for Inside Closets?

Satin finishes are less likely to show scuffs and streaks than semi-gloss paints, making them ideal for closets. If you store lots of extra items inside your closet, such as cleaning supplies or cosmetic supplies, using paint with a glossier sheen can make it easier to wipe up spills and stains.

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