10 Innovative Cloffice Ideas for Peak WFH Experience

Ginny Bartolone
Written by Ginny Bartolone
Updated January 6, 2022
A bedroom with office space and modern bright colors
Photo: Swati Design

It's time to get off the work-from-home sofa and head to your newly designed office space

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Over the past few years, temporary home offices popped up at our dining tables, couches, and laundry rooms for a week—maybe two at the most. But now it’s time to make that WFH setup a little more permanent; according to a 2021 Gallup poll, 90% of workers prefer to hang onto at least a hybrid office setup.

But great challenges can spark brilliant ingenuity. Interior designers, professional organizers, and expert DIYers concocted a genius hybrid where a closet meets the office—aka the cloffice. If you're eyeing prospective cloffice space in your own home, check out how these inventive artists swapped their dresses for desks and suits for staplers.

1. Sleek and Sophisticated

A sleek and sophisticated cloffice
Photo: Ashley Whatley

Skilled DIY home designer Ashley Whatley features step-by-step instructions for her modern cloffice on her blog, Stay Home Style. She started by adding board-and-batten paneling to the back wall of an emptied-out closet with both a shelf for decor and DIY lattice molding. Whatley selected a floating butcher block as a desk and lit up her work area with a stylish brass sconce.

2. Video Call View

A home office with vintage aesthetics
Photo: Iriana Shiyan / Adobe Stock

When we added cameras and lighting equipment to the office supply list, the view behind our desks became just as important as the office setup itself. When fitting your home office into a closet or small storage room, choose a paint color and decor style that represents your professional style for your clients and team.

3. Pitched Roof Perfection

A home office with a pitched roof
Photo: Michele Vig

Michele Vig of Neat Little Nest encountered a unique challenge—she knew she needed a space for both herself and her assistant. By repurposing modular closet pieces in a walk-in closet, Vig laid out every inch of her floor plan before construction. Her minimalist, clutter-free space encourages uninterrupted work and a clever design to avoid bumping your head on the slanted ceilings.

4. Splash of Modern Color

A bedroom with office space and modern bright colors
Photo: Swati Design

Energize your morning by taking inspiration from Swati Yadav of Swati Designs. This previously monochrome room now balances a playful patterned wallpaper against a cerulean cloffice space with pops of accent colors. Three natural wood shelves create an asymmetrical design to heighten the space and to leave room for your artistic touches. Select a comfy office chair in a complementary color to finish off the look.

5. A Space to Inspire

A design space with a desk and a colorful closet
Photo: Audrey Scheck

Ever wonder where an interior designer works when the world heads home? Audrey Scheck of Audrey Scheck Design freed up one wall of her walk-in closet to create a WFH sanctuary. Her trick, she explains, is personalization." I styled the space around my desk with a few of my favorite pieces to make it feel more like a workspace and less like a closet," Scheck says.

6. Reimagined Built-Ins

A home office with built-in shelving
Photo: Ursula Page / Adobe Stock

A popular cousin on the closet combines cabinets, entertainment center, or bookshelves to create a desk space. Clear away the center inset of your freestanding or built-in shelves. Remember to add proper lighting above your work area and designate several storage areas for files, wires, and inspiring decor.

7. A Nook to Unwind

A wooden desk and a sofa creating a nook
Photo: Carrie Waller

It's surprisingly easy to let a work-home-home day fly by without a breather. Carrie Waller of Dream Green DIY established a spot to decompress and regroup in a cozy closet just off of her desk. She lined the walls with a stick-on wallpaper in a soft green—a color that just happens to appear on many color-of-the-year lists for 2022. Waller added soft and natural details like woven wall decor, a hanging fern, and a pile of plush pillows.

8. Maximized Light

A home office in a walk-in closet
Photo: murattellioglu / Adobe Stock

Working in a cloffice can feel a bit closed off from the world without the right lighting. If you have the option, choose a cloffice space with direct access to nearby natural light or built-in lighting that supports your eyes when looking at a screen. The combo of both light sources will also enhance your video calls.

9. A Prep Space for Paperwork

A paperwork space in a closet
Photo: Morgan Ovens

Professional home organizer Morgan Ovens and founder of Haven Home envisions a respite for the busy home professional to store papers, files, and office supplies. She slipped a shelving system where the hanging bar once was and added a filing system on the back of the closet doors. The soft lighting creates an energetic glow for finding your files and making copies.

10. Collected Pops of Color

A creative desk with office supplies and a plant
Photo: mallmo / Adobe Stock

Did you line your old desk with a vibrant menagerie of decor and supplies? While there is a fine line between decor and clutter, colorful desk accessories can transform a new closet workspace into a familiar environment that feels like a personalized work retreat. Remember to include unique touches that transition your mind from home to office without stepping out the door.

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