Brighten Your Workspace With These 7 Ideas for a Home Office Paint Job

Dina Cheney
Written by Dina Cheney
Updated December 10, 2021
woman working from home office
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Bring some color to your WFH life

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Your home office feels like an afterthought. Maybe the walls are dingy and your electronic equipment dominates the space. But here’s the great thing about WFH: you don’t need to be content with a boring workspace. 

Keep your setup from turning into little more than an at-home cubicle—all you need is a little paint! Here are some ideas to amp up your work-from-home space.

1. Paint an Accent Wall

grey home office
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Set off one wall by painting it a different color than the rest of the space. If you designate an accent wall, place your desk in front, facing away from the wall. This way, you’ll frame your workspace. 

There are a few different avenues you can take with your accent wall. If you want the space to be cohesive, pick two paints from the same swatch so they complement each other. Or, to make it really pop, choose a paint that’s bright and bold—or maybe even go with wallpaper.

2. Go for Ombré

Ombré can add style to clothing, hair, and even a flat, drab wall! As a bonus, ombré can also make your space appear larger, so it’s a great option for cloffices

Select a few shades of the same hue and, either vertically or horizontally, paint so there’s a transition from dark to light tones.

3. Write on Your Walls

home office chalkboard
Photo: / Adobe Stock

Use chalkboard or whiteboard paint to turn your cloffice into a blank canvas for brainstorming. Whether you paint all the walls of your office or only one, you’ll have plenty of space to jot down notes, flesh out ideas, or just doodle while you think. 

4. Set Off Your Ceiling 

To make your space dynamic and unique, paint your ceiling a totally different color. You’ll be adding visual contrast and an unexpected element to your office. Have fun with this strategy and consider choosing an adventurous hue, like yellow.

5. Decorate With a Mural

home workspace with mural painted on wall
Photo: denisismagilov / Adobe Stock

Add visual excitement by hiring an artist to paint a mural on one of your walls. Choose an image or style that inspires you or reflects your work, like a nature scene or a modern, abstract piece.

6. Aim for Calm

calm home office workspace
Photo: almaje / Adobe Stock

To make your space more serene and help you focus, select neutrals (like beige, gray, brown, or white) or cool tones (like blue or green). In general, less-saturated (or lighter) hues are more calming; just consider the difference between airy sky blue and intense navy blue.

7. Perk Up Your Space

pink home office work space
Photo: Pixel-Shot / Adobe Stock

For a room that wakes you up like a morning cup of coffee, opt for brighter, warmer colors. If your office is low on natural light, this approach will help add some brightness and cheer. Try a light coral or lemon yellow for a result that’s cozy but not distracting.

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