9 Things in Your House That Need a Home

Updated October 8, 2019

Right now, we're guessing there are at least ten things in your house that are making it feel “cluttered.” Why?

It's probably not because work got hectic, or your kids forgot to pick up their toys. It's because these items don't have a designated spot!

Take a glance around your house, and you'll start to see them everywhere: drifters that are always out of place. Fix the problem by giving these things a home!

Here are nine common “homeless” items and nine clever storage solutions:

1. Car Keys

Solution: Nail a creative wall hook right next to your front door. Our favorite idea for a wall hook is trendy and functional: Colorful faux antlers.

2. Remote Controls

Solution: We have five solutions for clicker clutter, but the easiest fix is to simply “box it up.” Store all of your remotes in a statement-piece like a vintage cigar box or wicker basket.

3. Miscellaneous Vacation Gear

Solution: Install under-the-bed storage containers for easy access to all of your travel or vacation gear. Plastic containers with wheels and cloth bins will help you take advantage of that extra storage space in your bedroom.

4. Junk Mail

Solution: The only “home” junk mail deserves is the recycling bin. That being said, there is a way to stop junk mail once and for all: the app PaperKarma. Snap a picture of the junk mailer, and they'll automatically unsubscribe you from the mailing list.

5. Worn or Unused Clothes

Solution: Place a “Donate” bin in your hall closet or garage, and toss in any items you're ready to part with. When the bin is full, donate your belongings to your local Goodwill or Salvation Army.

6. Belts, Scarves and Handbags

Solution: Pick up a package of shower hooks from your local home improvement store. Then, hook them onto a closet bar and start hanging belts, scarves and unused handbags.

7. Bathroom Toiletries

Solution: Grab some unused teacups or small bowls from your kitchen cabinets and repurpose them in your bathroom! Place these decorative dishes wherever you have extra space.

8. Office Supplies

Solution: Grab a few mason jars and color code the lids by spray painting the tops. Keep your supplies in separate containers on the corner of your desk or in a cabinet.

9. Gift Wrap

Solution: If you have a hall or utility closet, use the inside side of the door for storage! Hook a hanging organizer to the doorframe. Place tape, gift-wrap, bows and packaging string in the slots.